AAbbiiddiinngg iinn tthhee 2017-02-24¢  Page 3 c. Decal For Fellowship Hall Wall ¢â‚¬â€œ The Lathrops have

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  • By Pastor Gayle Pope

    Jesus says in John 15:5, “I am the vine, you are the

    branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear

    much fruit, because apart from me you can do

    nothing.” I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.

    I’d like to think that I “abide in Jesus” and “bear

    much fruit” all the time – continuously. But I don’t. I

    get distracted, busy, anxious and pre-occupied. And

    yet, there are those beautiful moments when my heart

    is open and the Spirit whispers and I hear it and sense

    the Divine Love moving in and through me, bearing

    the good fruit of God’s kingdom in the world.

    Prayer, meditation, journaling, worship, Holy

    Communion, reading devotionals, listening to

    Christian music, fellowship with others … all these

    things help me “abide.” Here’s a poem about abiding

    the Spirit put into my heart this week.

    Abide in me, I will not die.

    Believe in me and you will rise

    above the fray, above the pain,

    yet still within the deathly game.

    My peace I give. Can you believe?

    Reach out your hand, my love receive.

    You try so hard to do my will.

    Don’t overdo – sometimes, be still

    Then I will come and fill your cup.

    Look here to me, with me to sup.

    Come and be fed – my life I give

    that you may love and in me live.


    Several of our Blessing Buddy pairs got together

    Sunday, April 26, and assembled 21 Personal Care

    Kits for Lutheran World Relief. Way to go! And

    thanks to all who contributed items for the kits! After

    that, the Buddies did some kite flying and enjoyed ice

    cream sundaes. Thanks to Donna Parke and Patty

    Kruse for


    the event!

    Left: Blake Parke and Sam Lathrop assemble a Personal Care Kit.


    By: Matt Futhey

    Brent Bigley and I

    had the opportunity to

    attend a men’s only

    retreat at Lutherdale

    Bible Camp in

    Elkhorn, WI April 17-

    18. It included a


    inspiration and bible

    study. I can only

    speak for myself, but

    it was an awesome

    experience and I

    would recommend any men to go to this retreat.

    Thank you for your prayers and support.

    Christ Lutheran Church, Quincy, IL May 2015

    Wall climbing and zip lines added to the fun of the retreat.

    AAbbiiddiinngg iinn tthhee VViinnee

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    Christ Lutheran Church Congregational Council

    April 14, 2015 Meeting Minutes

    Members Present: Sam Lathrop, Alan Steigelman, Stuart

    Peters, Joe Brinkman, Conny Bakker, Sue Reeder, Kaye

    Marshall, Crystal Bliven, Kara Wingerter, Bonnie

    Scranton, Kathy Wolters and Pastor Gayle Pope. Absent:

    Brent Bigley.

    Opening Prayer was provided by Pastor Gayle. Sue

    Reeder led devotions. Bonnie Scranton will lead

    devotions in May. Meeting was called to order at 6:37 p.m.

    by President Steigelman. Two additions were made to the

    agenda. Motion to approve minutes of the March 10, 2015

    meeting carried.

    President’s Report: President Steigelman congratulated

    all on the phenomenal Easter service held at Christ

    Lutheran Church. He acknowledged how wonderful it was

    to have a full house.

    Pastor’s Report: Pastor Gayle distributed a printed report

    for her activities for the month of March.

    Treasurer’s and Financial Secretary’s Reports: Bonnie

    Scranton distributed financial reports. She indicated our

    financial situation was solid at this time. Bonnie asked all

    ministry teams to monitor their budgets throughout the

    year. She reported that the required annual financial report

    was submitted to the Mission Investment Fund.

    The non-budgeted revenue items on the back sheet were

    reviewed by Bonnie.

     Motion to transfer the amount in the Lathrop-Walker fund to capital improvements carried.

     Motion carried to transfer money in the following non- budgeted funds to the memorial fund: church

    directory, Holderbaum crosses, and Dave Ramsey.

    Motion carried to accept reports and place the financial

    report on file for audit.

    Ministry Team and Committee Reports:

     Communications – No Report

     Fellowship – Conny Bakker requested bake sale donations for the garage sale. She asked them to be

    delivered on Friday or early Saturday a.m.

     Learning – Kara Wingerter reported 30 children attended the Easter Egg Hunt. She announced

    Blessing buddies will putting together Personal Care

    Kits on Sunday, April 26. The learning ministry is

    asking for specific donations of personal care items

    from church members prior to the 26.

     Mutual Ministry – Crystal Bliven reported the Shepherd Group met in February and have added all

    new members to shepherd groups. On Good Shepherd

    Sunday shepherd groups will sit together during coffee

    hour after church. The mutual ministry team discussed

    how the Helping Hands Committee was meeting the

    needs of members of the congregation and how the

    church was doing at fulfilling our mission.

     Property – Joe Brinkman reported the Property team has worked 109 hours on property projects thus far in

    the year. They will be undertaking the HVAC

    twinning and resurfacing of the back parking lot this

    year. Both projects have been budgeted for this year.

     Service – Kaye Marshall reported their next project is the April 25

    th Garage Sale. Volunteers are needed to

    set up, man the sale, and clean up.

     Stewardship – No Report

     Worship – Sue Reeder reported that the worship committee was extremely busy during Lent and Easter

    week. The worship team will meet April 15.

     Risk Management – Sam Lathrop reported changes in the US Government insurance coverage of terrorist

    acts. Their coverage impacts our Church Mutual

    insurance policy positively.

     Finance & Investment – No Report

     Endowment – Bonnie Scranton reported that Steven Phelps from ELCA met with the endowment

    committee on April 13. The endowment committee is

    working on governance issues and plans to present an

    endowment governance document to the church

    council at the May 12, 2015 council meeting. Bonnie

    Scranton will be meeting with our financial secretary

    (Robin Lentz) to rearrange the financial reports.

    Those reports need to clearly note that the funds on

    deposit with the MIF are endowment restricted funds

    and not available for general use.

    Motion to approve all ministry team reports carried.

    Old Business

    a. LUGNuts update – Bonnie Scranton reported 97% of the congregation responded favorably to the

    Columbarium. The location for the columbarium will

    be moved a few feet to the east to create more

    separation between it & the playground. The layout

    itself is not changing. The committee plans to

    personally visit with the neighbors adjacent to the

    columbarium to seek their support and answer their

    questions. Dick Klusmeyer, committee member, will

    make the required presentation to the city zoning and

    planning commission the end of May. If the project is

    approved by the zoning and planning commission it

    will be taken to the city council for approval. Only

    after all of these requirements are fulfilled will the

    project be undertaken.

    b. Strategic Planning – President Alan Steigelman reported the majority of council members can attend a

    Saturday retreat to discuss strategic planning on May

    16. The council will review the current strategic plan,

    recommend adjustments to the plan, develop a process

    to gather information from the congregation, and

    determine what questions need to be asked.

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    c. Decal For Fellowship Hall Wall – The Lathrops have the final design and will soon be ready to apply it to

    the back wall.

    d. Review Election Day Procedures – President Steigelman asked Bonnie Scranton to write up the

    election day procedures and timeline for the council’s

    future reference.

    New Business

    a. Appointment of delegates for assemblies – Motion to approve Joan Kammerlohr as a delegate to the May

    6 conference assembly, and Ron and Joan Larner as

    delegates to the Synod assembly in June carried.

    b. Confirmation Camp Support – Motion made and carried to pay the full registration fee for three young

    men from our congregation to attend confirmation

    camp at Augustana College this summer. The Youth

    Fund will pay their camp registration.

    c. Appeals – Pastor asked for council’s advice on financial appeals to the congregation. The council

    affirmed the way she has handled requests. The

    following are upcoming all Lutheran appeals: LSSI

    Sunday, April 26; LWR Personal Care Kits for

    Blessing Buddies, Sunday, Apri

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