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  1. 1. Through coaching, Cairn enables individuals and teams to make sustained improvements inperformance.
    With extensive senior operational experience we can understand you, your people, and your business environment.
    The most basic task of corporate leaders is to unleash the human spirit, which makes initiative, creativity, and entrepreneurship possible.
    Harvard Business Review
    A study of Fortune 100 companies concluded that
    coaching is one of the most powerful ways of developing people and adding to bottom line business performance
    Fortune Magazine
  2. 2. Cairns are used on mountains and hills to mark the route to the peak. It is traditional to carry a stone from the base of the hill and to add it to one of the cairns on the way up or even at the peak to provideassistance to future travellers.
    • marks the way to higher peaks
    • 3. is constantly growing and evolving one stone at a time
    • 4. solid and enduring in tough times
    • 5. built by the people thatuse them
    • 6. no two cairns are ever the same
  3. What makes us different?
    All Cairn collaborations are
    Cairn believes passionately that everyone is constantly learning and all have the potential to improve the ability to leverage this is competitive advantage.
    Clients are leading businesses in their own field who take pride in being the best. They do this by constantly challenging themselves, their people and their behaviours in order to stay in front.
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    team coaching
  4. 7. T00 44 (0) 161 941 5825
    M00 44 (0) 7548 890966
    Cairn Performance Ltd. Registered in England. Company No.06687540.