Activities Within the Classroom

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Example activities within the classroom. Activities go along with the book, On My Honor.


Activities Within the Classroom

English Language Arts:

After the students have completed reading the entire book, have them each become writers themselves! Directions for the students: Just because you have finished the book does not mean that the story has to end. Pretend youre the author of the book and write another chapter. The chapter could be written from either Tonys or Joels perspective. You can pick up where the book ends and write the next chapter, write a chapter that would come before the first chapter, or start somewhere in the middle. Your chapter should be numbered and given a title. Most importantly, be creative!

Fine Arts:

After the students have completed reading the entire book, have them each create an On My Honor playlist! Directions for the students: Select a song that you think fits each chapter. The songs can be from any genre and any era. They can also be instrumental, a cappella, sung in a different language, etc. Type your playlist (include title and artist) and feel free to add pictures/decorate it. You must include a short paragraph that explains the reasoning behind each song choice.

Social Studies:

Specific Topic: Geography Joel is hesitant to undertake the bike journey with Tony for several reasons. He is especially concerned about the arduous route they must take. Directions for the students: Create a map of the route Joel and Tony intend to follow using the descriptions given by the boys in chapters 1 and 2. These maps may be flat or topographical (three-dimensional) in nature. Each map must have a map key indicating different areas throughout the map. This activity may also tie into an art lesson, as the students will complete it using construction paper and colored markers.


Though Joel and Tony have been lifelong friends, there are aspects of Tony's personality that anger and frustrate Joel. Even though he disagrees with Tony, Joel usually goes along rather than cause a fuss. Directions for the students: Consider the predicament that Joel faces at the beginning of the story when he would prefer not to go with Tony to climb rocks. How could he have handled the situation differently? Why is Joel not more direct? What would you have done in this situation?


After the death of his best friend, Joel is left to grieve over the loss. At first, the young boy has a difficult time handling himself and figuring out how to cope. Joel locks himself in his room to avoid the situation, until his father comes in to comfort him.Directions for the students: Think about a time that you were sad, or grieving. How did you handle the situation? What did you do to cope with what had happened? Write one paragraph about the situation that you went through, and how you handled it. Then, write another paragraph giving Joel advice on how he should handle the situation he is dealing with.