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Alden Burns Tyler Egan Tyler Lieb. What Makes YPT Different. Not traditional gym Different amenities 40 yard strip of turf All free weights except for one machine Focus on safety . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Yuhas Performance Training

Alden BurnsTyler EganTyler Lieb

What Makes YPT DifferentNot traditional gymDifferent amenities40 yard strip of turfAll free weights except for one machineFocus on safety

The traditional gym system is broken!! The average gym workout is either too boring to keep you motivated, or borderline hazardous to your health with little to no supervision or trainers trying to turn you into a stunt devil! We feel this is unethical and just downright wrong!About the GymPersonal training for athletes focusing onInjury reductionSpeedPowerStrengthConditioningSport-specific training with a personal trainerAthletes are closely supervised for intense 60 90 minute workout

About the Gym (Cont.)Adult fitness training focusing onWeight lossConditioningFunctional StrengthMobility/FlexibilityMaintenanceWorkout is unique to your needsA trainer is always present with youThe WorkoutSport PerformanceSoft Tissue (Foam Rolling)Corrective StretchWarm-up/ActivationMovement TrainingCore TrainingPlyo/Med BallExplosive PowerFunctional Strength TrainingConditioning

Adult Fitness

Soft Tissue (Foam Rolling)FlexibilityActive Warm-upCore TrainingPowerFunctional Strength TrainingConditioningThe ProblemLow membership due to:High price Poor marketing techniquesTraditional gyms still more preferred

Research ConductedTalked to OwnerLooked at surrounding gyms prices Researched area demographicsResearched similar gyms throughout the countryWhat weve Learned from the OwnerHas tested various ways on how to operate the gymGroup sessionsOne-on-OneIndividual training more traditionalTrying to model his gym after Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning

What weve Learned from the Owner (Cont.)Social Media Usage Facebook, TwitterNot optimizedMarketing TechniquesNo major advertising doneOwner used to do a radio segment once a week for educational purposes, not promotion$89 one-month trial, not promoted effectively

Surrounding Gyms and PricesLarge, nationally known gyms:Snap Fitness: $35/monthPlanet Fitness: $100/yearAnytime Fitness: $35/monthWork Out World: $20/monthLocal GymsGs Fitness: High School Gyms: Free to students, $150/year

DemographicsLocal most popular sportsLacrosseFootballSoccerBasketballBaseball/Softball

Demographics (Cont.)New London County: Median Income: $92,500

15Demographics (Cont.)

New London CountySimilar GymsMike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, Boston, MA Athletes Performance, Phoenix, AZ

Research Still Needed Contact and interview Mike Boyle How his business runsAdvertising TechniquesHow his gym became so successfulInterview Tim Yuhas againMembership numbers from Yuhas Performance TrainingGyms most popular sportsWhy he thinks adults go to his gymInterview other small gym ownersMembership numbersAdvertising techniques

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