All Quiet on Western Front

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All Quiet on Western Front. By Devin Clater. War Runs Across my Life . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


All Quiet on Western Front

All Quiet on Western FrontBy Devin Clater

War Runs Across my Life This digital world lingers and does not bringus closer together.

I only seemy self with the helpof telescopes.Every love songreminds me of sadness, sad songremind me of a plasticradion. When will this end?

We are torn apart,slightly separatedby the presence of conflict, bombs,some scholar might saythe sweepof world events;yet it is back to the feelingsof distance, the desolationthat you are not here and may not be, that causesan unspoken anguishI can share with no one.And they say this digital worldbrings us closer together,"they", hmmm, who? who?And yet when we talk, I at night and you in the morning,message by message,it is only the distancethat is illuminated,a trembling, quail distance.

I see these threadsunwinding finally,back to a river in Vietnam, a bear from a mountaindrinking in a cold riverfar to close to the mouth.The sunlight breaks the horizon,water turns to desert,the sand coming out of your brown hair.

Movement against barbed wire can result in moderate to severe injuries to the skin and, depending on body area and barbed wire configuration, possibly to the underlying tissue. Humans can manage not to injure themselves excessively when dealing with barbed wire as long as they are cautious. Restriction of movement, appropriate clothing, and slowing movement when close to barbed wire aid in reducing injuryNothing prompted more outrage and condemnation during World War One than the German use of poison gases (including the notorious mustard gas). Soldiers were forced to wear cumbersome and often ineffective gas masks in combat, but still suffered many casualties from lung-searing fumes sometimes delivered by German artillery shells. Here, the clouds of such noxious attack roll over the barbed wire of an eerie battle seen.

Many soldiers were killed as they attempted to climb over barbed wire entanglements. Because these were covered by enemy machine guns, night and day, the bodies often had to be left "hangin' on the wire", sometimes for months.

Infantry tactics call for overcoming barbed wire entanglements up to about (7 feet (2 metres) high and up to about 5 to 7 feet (1.5 to 2 metres) deep. It requires courage, teamwork and training to do so.The example shown here is for a concertina barbed wire obstacle supported by star pickets about 6 to 7 feet high ( 1.8 to 2 metres) and about 3 to 7 feet deep (1 to 2 metres deep

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