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Amazon Affiliate Marketing


  • Hi, my name is

    Al-Amin Kabir

    Internet Marketing StrategistManaging Director at DevsTeam Limited


  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing Model

    Send Your Traffic to

    The Visitor search and select a product and buy


  • WHY?

    $86,000 Sales Every Minute 2 Million Merchant Spent 4.6 Billion for R&D in 2012 Almost 300 Million Users More than 156 Million Per Year on Search Marketing $ 21 Billion Sales in Q3 2014

  • Exact Match Keyword!

  • Related Products Sales

  • Physical Products Stay for Years!

    Average Product Stay Period is 1 to 5 years, mean you get consistent income from a single content!

  • Product Selection

  • Criteria To Select Products To Promote

    Dive into categories you want to work! Build a list of category and product you want to promote (make sure the

    product last long and you know about it and last but not least, you love to promote the product)

    The product price at least should be 100 $ Select products that have relevant vertical market (Like Bicycle - Vertical -

    Helmet / Accessories) Look at the categorie's product customer reviews (at least 10, it indicates

    the product have decent number of customers) Don't select the trending most popular products (Like PS 4, iPhone 5,

    Kindle Fire) Select product what are people desperately seeking and really want to

    spend some money on it! Finally build a list of products / Categories following the criteria

    mentioned above

  • Keyword Research

  • The AIDA Principles

    A = AttentionI = InterestD = DesireA = Action

  • How Customer Decide Buying Camera Based on AIDA?

  • One Point To Remember

    The Closest term of Buying Keyword you choose, the more conversion you get!

  • Buying Keyword Pattern Best/Top Rated + Product Name

    Cheap + Product Name

    Quality + Product Name

    Vs/Or/Compared to

    Product Name + For sale

    Product Name + Review/Reviews

    Bargain + Product

    Best + Product Name + Online

    Best + Product Name + Review

    Best + Product Name + Year

    Buy + Product Name

    Where can i buy + product name

    Product Name + Coupon

  • Assignment

    Build A List of Product Category From Your Favorite Main Category From

  • Q/A Session

    Any Question?

    Ask me!

    Get in touch with me!