Amedeo Modigliani

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Amedeo Modigliani. Who is He?. Italian painter and sculptor 12 July 1884 24 January 1920 Died at 35 from Tuberculous meningitis. Famous Works. Nude Sitting on a Divan Madame Pompadour Jeanne H buterne in Red Shawl. The Style. Expressionist Portraits Modern - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Amedeo Modigliani


Who is He?Italian painter and sculptor12 July 1884 24 January 1920Died at 35 from Tuberculous meningitis

Famous WorksNude Sitting on a DivanMadame PompadourJeanne Hbuterne in Red Shawl

The Style

ExpressionistPortraitsModernElongated face and featuresTilted headDark pastels

The Lesson PlanThe Lesson:

Show students some of Modiglianis work Discuss common features of paintings Establish criteria as a class Model your own Let them PlayMaterials

PastelsConstruction PaperProjectorComputerWhy Teach Modigliani? Opportunity to use pastels Chance for less artistically inclined students to shine Creativity built-in Show students a style of art that feels easy to replicate

Is It Really THAT Easy?

I Like the Idea, but I Want MoreCreate a self-portrait mini unit Present students with a number of famous portrait artists from various eras Have them emulate at least three artists and create a portfolio Write in an art journal about the differences between artists

Create their own style!

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