Analysis of magazine cover pages

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  • 1. Analysis of magazine cover pages of my chosen genre

2. Cover page In the top left hand it shows an image of an artist which catches attention. This cover page has bright font with the theme of it being white and yellow. The size of the font is very big in terms of a hip hop magazine which is used to appeal to the audience.This artist is the star of this cover page that is why he is taking up the most room.As shown on this cover page you can see that it is mostly just full of images. This is a good technique used as the audience can be intrigued in what is going to be inside the magazine. 3. Cover page The layout of this magazine page is very simple and basic.The background colours correspond with the text.This cover page shows a good use on how the magazine is about one person that is why the artist is taking up the most room on the page.The golden teeth show a good use on props because it is culturally showing how artists of the hip hop genre present themselves. 4. Cover page The theme of the magazine is black and red which is good use of catching the audiences attention.Social networking links are shown below relating to the magazine.Two barcodes are shown with one being useful for Smartphone'sFull mid-shot is used on the artist covering half the page.The font on the magazine is all in bold which is a good used of mise en scene because it wants the audience to notice it.