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1. Corbyns CoveThe coconut-palm-fringed beach , ideal for sun basking. Facilities like hotel, restaurant, bar, changing room etc. are available near the beach. Historical remains like Japanese bunkers can be seen on the way.The Corbyns Cove Beach provides a beautiful scenic view generally, marvelous sun-rise. This beach is full decorated with the sodium vapour lamps. This sandy beach is an ideal place for swimming. Foreign tourists enjoy their sun bath, moon bath, and star bath when there is no moon. They dont find any difference in day and night as long as they are in Corbyns Cove beach. Domestic tourists spend maximum part of their stay in Corbyns Cove. Facility Changing Room Fresh Water For ShowerTravel Hire Car Hire Bike/Scooty Hire AutoDistanceFrom Chaukhat it takes 20-25 mins (about 5-10 kms) to reach Corbyns Cove.Activities Swimming Speed Boat Rides Jet Ski RidesEateries Waves Restaurant Peerless Resort

2. WandoorWandoor is a small village near the southern tip of South Andaman. It has some beaches and a couple of accommodation options and is a nice place to relax, but it is more known as the gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

Facility Food And Refreshment AvailableTravel Bus Available Hire A Bike/Scooty Hire A CarDistanceFrom Chaukhat to wandoor around 1.5hrs journey (20-25 kms)Activity Swimming Snorkeling, Scuba (Self Equipped) Visit Mahatma Gandhi National Park in which Jolly Buoy Island is a famous tourist spot.Eateries Sea Princes resort Anugama Resort There is a lot of coconut water around to sustain

3. ChidiyatapuChidiya Tapu beach is also known as the bird island. It is a small village with lush green mangroves, tranquil islands, and forest bestowed with numerous chirping birds, making it an ideal picnic spot.The water in this region is alive with bright corals which makes it an excellent site for snorkeling. Incidentally, Chidiya Tapu Beach offers a variety of sea shells which makes shell craft a prime industry of the Chidiya Tapu. Some of the shell products which are sold here are table lamps, ashtrays, bangles, decorative boxes and show pieces.

Facility Changing Room Fresh Water For ShowerTravel Bus Available Hire A Bike/Scooty Hire A CarDistanceFrom Chaukhat to Chidiyatapu it would take 1.5 hours journey (25-30kms).Activity Swim at Munda Pahar Beach Watch the glorious sunset from Sunset View Point Experience a View of beautiful dense tropical forestEateries Self Taken

4. Cellular Jail (Light & Sounds)Cellular jail, located at Port Blair, stood mute witness to the tortures meted out to the freedom fighters, who were incarcerated in this jail. The jail, completed in the year 1906 acquired the name Cellular because it is entirely made up of individual cells for the solitary confinement. It originally was a seven prolonged, puce-colored building with central-tower acting as its fulcrum and a massive structure comprising honeycomb like corridors. The building was subsequently damaged and presently three out of the seven prongs are intact. The Jail, now a place of pilgrimage for all freedom loving people, has been declared a National Memorial. The jail museum here draws your memories back to those years of freedom struggle.Light & SoundsThe Hindi shows starts at 5.30 PM. English show is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6.45 PM. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays the second show at 6.45 PM again is in Hindi. On days of English shows, there could also be a third show in Hindi at 8PM subject to the minimum prescribed demand.Fees - Rs 10, Rs 25 (Camera), Rs 100 (Video)Travel Bus Available Hire A Bike/Scooty Hire A CarDistanceFrom Chaukhat to Cellular Jail would take about 10-15 mins (about 4-5 kms).Eateries Lot of eateries is available in Aberdeen Bazaar, near the Jail.

5. BaratangBaratang Islandis located in between the middle and south of Andaman Islands. The island has a huge and varied forest stretch of about 50 kilometers. The main attractions that lie here are the limestone caves and the mud volcanoes. The mud volcano is one more main attraction for visitors travelling in Andaman Islands. This Volcano is near to Baratang Jetty of Andaman Islands (middle Andaman). It takes atleast a day to visit this place and return to Port Blair.

Travel Bus Available Hire A Car

DistanceFrom Chaukhat to Baratang might be 3-4 hours journey.

Activity Lime Stone Cave Mud Volcano Baludera Beach

Eateries Lots of small restaurant.

6. Mount HarrietIt is the highest peak in the South Andamans (365 meters high). Mt. Harriet is part of a National park and is covered by dense forests. The view of the harbor from the top of Mt. Harriet is beautiful.

Travel Hire A Bike/Scooty Hire A Car

DistancesMount Harriet (55 Kms. by road / 15 Kms by ferry and trek from Port Blair).

Activity Highest Peak of South Andaman 365 meters. Above from sea level summer Capital of British Regime Panoramic view to Port Blair. Hope Town Jetty-The Place Lord Myo the viceroy of India was assassinated by a convict Pathan Sher Ali. Ideal Place for Trekking up to (2-2.5kms).

Eateries Self Taken

7. Ross IslandThis small island in less than a sq. km area that stands right across Port Blair, encompassing ina way the entire life of the Andamans. It was once the home of the indigenous tribe - Great Andamanese, whose number dwindled from 5,000 to just 28 within 20 years of the initial British occupation. The island served as the capital from 1858 till 1941, when the Japanese occupied it and converted it into a POW site. The ruins of the church and the Chief Commissioners house among overcrowding vines and aerial roots are the most evocative of the remains.

FerryPrivate Ferries operate from Aberdeen Jetty in Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex at 8.30 am, 10.30 am, 12.30 pm and 2 pm. Service is not available on Wednesdays. The boat will take you across from the Aberdeen Jetty and bring you back after an hours stay.Activity Trekking Lots Of Deer & peacock

Eateries Self Taken Restaurant Available Coconut Drinks

8. Jolly Buoy & Red Skin Island

The beach and the snorkeling opportunities in its fringing coral reefs in both Jolly Buoy and Red Skin Island.AtJolly Buoyyou will get to see corals (red, blue, sponge corals etc). Also you will be able to see life within these corals (particularly zebra fish).The Redskin Island: also offers the lure of underwater coral gardens and unspoiled beaches. An occasional dolphin may also be seen. It is a great place for swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling.This marine park made-up of open sea, creeks and 15 small and large islands, is one of the best found anywhere in the world. It provides excellent Viewing of rare corals and underwater marine life through glass bottom boats; scuba diving and snorkeling are a lifetime experience for any one here. The rich marine life consists of variety of coral reefs, colourful fishes, shells, turtles, salt-water crocodiles, etc.Private Ferry Daily single trip to Jolly Buoy/Red Skin Island. Boats from Jolly Buoy would return by 3 pm.

9. North BayThe beach and the snorkeling opportunities in its fringing coral reefs are the closest ones you will find to Port Blair, and therefore, it gets quite crowded.

Facility Changing Room Fresh Water For Shower Small Handicraft & Hat ShopsTravelPrivate Ferry Boat from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex to North Bay daily

Activity Scuba Sea Walk Snorkeling Glass BoatEateries Small Restaurants

City Tours1. Anthropological Museum

Started in the year 1975-76, the Anthropological museum in Port Blair is an ethnographic museum. It illustrates the four Negrito Tribes of the Andamans Viz., the Jarawas, Sentinelese, Great Andamanese and the Onges and two Mongoloid tribes of the Nicobar viz. the Nicobarese and the Shompens.

2. Fisheries MuseumSituated near Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, Port Blair, it exhibits species of marine life endemic to the islands and found in the Indo-Pacific and the Bay of Bengal. It is closed on Mondays and Public holidays/second Saturdays.

3. Samudrika (Naval Marine Museum)Situated opposite to Andaman Teal House Delanipur, Port Blair, this museum is meant to create awareness on various aspects of oceanic environment. A good collection of shells, corals and a few species of colorful fishes of the islands are on display.

4. Zoological Survey of India MuseumSituated near Andaman Teal House, this museum exhibits several varieties of sponges, corals, butterflies, and centipedes etc.

5 Chatham Saw Mill

The Chatham Saw Mill is one of the oldest in Asia, built on a tiny island and connected to Port Blair by a bridge. Within the Saw Mill compound, the Forest Department has put up a museum. It offers an insight into forest activities through scale models and display decorative pieces made of Padauk, Marble, Peauma, Gurjan, Satin Wood etc.

Closed on Sundays & Industrial Holidays Timing: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

6 Science Centre, Port BlairScience Centre, situated 5 km from Port Blair town, has volcanic activities, science of oceans, fun science gallery, modern technology gallery, Taramandal (portable planetarium), open air science park and an in-house butterfly corner offer a kaleidoscope science spectrum. Open on all days during 10.00AM to 5.30 PM except Mondays & Public Holiday.


10. Neil IslandIt is a long stretch of sand on the east coast of the island, punctuated occasionally by rock section. Most of the beach is lined by mahua trees.

11. Havelock IslandBeachA.Radha Nagar Beach (In Island)Radha Nagar is a Grade A beach of outstanding quality. This beach is also rated as the best beach in Asia by TIME Magazine. The quality of wate