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GameiMax the popular game development company has accomplished their name in kid's game. They develop almost kind of game and they recently develop three dentist surgery game named "Doctor Braces", "Wisdom Tooth Doctor" & "Dent Doctor" these all game are pivot on surgery games. The games developed by gameimax are not only for fun but its mixed concept of fun + education.

Text of Android Dentist FREE Kids Game

  • In Doctor Braces you have to try your hands on becoming dentist & complete your surgery using different tools given in game. Mainly two included in game "Care View" & "Braces View".

    Care view

    Stethoscope to check heartbeatThermometer to measure body temperatureBlood-pressure to check bp

    Braces view

    Teeth moral to remove rotten teeth Teeth bonding to joint them Braces to have perfect shape

  • Let's help those kids to get cure from their pain. The cute little kids are suffering from pain by eating junk food. You have to help them as real doctor & care for them. Mainly two views included in game such as "Teeth View" & "Tongue View".

    Features included in game:

    Cavity Remover Brush, Shower Germ killer Black dots remover Red dots remover Braces Mouth Freshener

  • The Dent Doctor had three innovative concepts of "Teeth Surgery", "Tongue Surgery" and "Inner View". The game begins by choosing patient from given four patients and treat them with different tools given in game.

    Features included in game

    Drill (Remove black part) Put braces Spray (heal injury) Funny bandagesInjection Thermometer Plaster (Color it) Mouth freshener Color your tongue Feed it different Food