Anthony Colon Period 2

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Anthony Colon Period 2. MY HERITAGE-DISCOVERY AND CELEBRATION. Economics. POLITICS. ENVIRONMENT. SOCIETY & CULTURE. Olga. Jose. Esther. Juan. Maria. Jose. Anthony. Economics. Plantation sugar production dominated Puerto Rico's economy until the 1940s. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>"MY HERITAGE-DISCOVERY AND CELEBRATION"</p> <p>Plantation sugar production dominated Puerto Rico's economy until the 1940s.</p> <p>Pharmaceutical, electronics, and apparel industries have been the most important, along with food processing, oil refining, and the manufacture of machinery and chemicals.</p> <p>EconomicsDespite all available sources of entertainment Puerto Ricans amuse themselves with one predominant activity-Politics. Puerto Ricans seem to breathe Politics in their daily lives--and seem to enjoy immensely the activities of politicians. There was a desire for freedom in Puerto Rico, too, but with two distinguishing characteristics. Puerto Ricans wanted change but rejected violence. </p> <p>PoliticsEnvironmentThe island has dozens of miles of sandy beaches, some long and straight, others broken into coves by headlands.</p> <p>Puerto Rico is situated in the Caribbean slightly east of the Dominican Republic. The island offers a variety of terrain such as rainforests, grasslands, pristine beaches, and mountains. </p> <p>Economics Coffee, pineapple, plantains, and bananas are other leading crops.</p> <p>Reforestation has been undertaken to restore tropical woods in the interior, where the Caribbean National Forest is set apart.</p> <p>Society and Culture</p> <p>Under Spanish rule, Puerto Rico had several governors. The governors were selected by the King of Spain. Ponce De Leon was one of the first governors selected by the King.</p> <p>Under the leadership of Ponce De Leon, the culture and political environment that existed in Spain was imposed on the island.</p>