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Art History. Renaissance 1400-1600 Masaccio The Madonna of Humility

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Text of Art History. Renaissance 1400-1600 Masaccio The Madonna of Humility

  • Art History

  • Renaissance1400-1600

  • MasaccioThe Madonna of Humility

  • Master of the Saint Lucy LegendMary, Queen of Heaven

  • LippiSaint Jerome in his Study

  • DurerPortrait of a Clergyman. .

  • SebastianoAnton Francesco degli Albizzi

  • VeroneseThe Annunciation

  • El GrecoSaint Martin and the Beggar

  • Baroque1600-1750

  • RembrandtPortrait of a Young Woman

  • van BeyerenA Roemer with Grapes, A Pewter Plate and a Roll

  • GuercinoPersonification of Astrology

  • van RuysdaelRiver Landscape with a Church in the Distance

  • GiordanoSaint John the Baptist in the Wilderness

  • ZurbaranThe Immaculate Conception/

  • RigaudA French Magistrate of Requests

  • PaterA Pastoral Concert

  • ChardinStill Life with Leg of Lamb

  • PaniniFantasy View with the Pantheon and other Monuments of Ancient Rome

  • LonghiThe Game of the Cooking Pot

  • Modern 1750-1900

  • KauffmanAriadne Abandoned by Theseus

  • ReynoldsPortrait of Mrs. Jelf Powis and Her Daughter

  • FragonardGirl with a Pearl Necklace: Portrait of Rosalie Fragonard

  • TurnerSheerness as seen from the Nore

  • DurandHaystack Mountain

  • ManetBrioche with Pears

  • CezanneBottom of the Ravine/

  • PorterStill Life

  • BonheurDeer in the Forest

  • PissarroPeasant Woman Carrying Two Bundles of Hay

  • HomerCasting in the Falls

  • van RysselbergheJeanne Pissarro

  • TwachctmanEdge of the Emerald Pool, Yellowstone

  • Twentieth Century1900-2000

  • VlaminckBougival

  • RedonFlowers in a Black Vase

  • CouseThe Purple Shaw

  • GrisThe White Tablecloth

  • FeiningerManhattan II

  • HenningsIdlers

  • LouisDalet Kaf

  • HoodUntitled #31

  • MillerThe Ark

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