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x22 assembly

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1,assemble the rear wheel

,assemble the front wheel

A, B Then screw nuts for the two sides of this wheel axle.

,assemble the rear shock(screw the nuts)

INCLUDEPICTURE "file:///C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\Application Data\\Tencent\\Users\\51581442\\QQ\\WinTemp\\RichOle\\LOJCEXSHIXRY}QPXP3XU(0F.jpg",assemble the front headlight

Fit the steel plate to the front cover and screw the nuts.

Then connect the electric cables like this(please note that for the same color cable should be connected with each other)

Connect the front headlight cover to the frame:

Connect the front headlight covers and the side body covers and screws with nut

INCLUDEPICTURE "file:///C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\Application Data\\Tencent\\Users\\2215326434\\QQ\\WinTemp\\RichOle\\5})[{@9M`$GU89CNC2S8Y$W.jpg"assemble the mirrors

adjust the two handlesassemble the front and rear covers

INCLUDEPICTURE "file:///C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\Application Data\\Tencent\\Users\\2215326434\\QQ\\WinTemp\\RichOle\\L{(X`~LI$53C2NX7%~V2%@H.jpg"connect the battery under the seat


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