Atomic Theory Timeline Song

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Atomic Theory Timeline Song. Words by Christy Johannesson To the tune of the Alphabet Song. Verse 1. Daltons model was the Billiard Ball Atoms are indivisible Thomson used the Cathode Ray Electrons are charged in a negative way His model was Plum Pudding Or a chocolate chip cookie. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Atomic Structure Timeline Song

Atomic Theory Timeline SongWords by Christy JohannessonTo the tune of the Alphabet Song1Verse 1Daltons model was the Billiard BallAtoms are indivisibleThomson used the Cathode RayElectrons are charged in a negative wayHis model was Plum Pudding Or a chocolate chip cookieVerse 2Becquerel found by accidentRadiation from an atom wentOil drops were used by MillikanTo find the mass and charge of an electronWhile they changed the models noneThey paved the way for others to comeVerse 3Rutherford experimented with Gold FoilTo find the nucleus he did toilIts positive charge and tiny sizeShowed that he was rather wiseElectrons moving round the nucleusDescribes the Nuclear Model for usVerse 4Bohr said electrons move in orbits roundIn energy levels they can be foundThis explains the reason behindThe bright-line spectrum that we findPlanetary Model it was calledBut Bohr knew that it was flawed Verse 5The orbital proposed by SchrdingerDescribed most likely where electrons wereQuantum mechanics was the new gameElectron Cloud was the models nameFinally Chadwick found the neutronBut atomic theory still moves on


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