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Index to Volume XXI Author Index AD EGOKE, OLUWAFEYISOLA S.: Pogonophora from the N ortheastern Pacific: First Records from the Gul f of Teh uan tepe c, Me xico, 188-1 92 Notes on the Ecology of the Pogonophoran Genus Galatheal inum Kirkegaard, 1956, 558-5 61 A LVARINO, A NGELES: A New Siphonophora, V ogtia kuruae n. sp., 236- 240 Bath ymetric D ist ribut ion of Chae togn atha, Sipho- nophorae, Medusae, and Ctenophorae off San D iego, California, 474-485 ARNOLD, B. c. A Hitherto Unrecorded Midge G all of M yrsin e australis (A. Rich.) Allan, 115- 118 BOWMAN, T HOMAS E. : T he Planktonic Shrimp, Lucifer cbacei sp. nov., (Sergestidae: Luciferinae), the Pacific Twin of th e Atl ant ic Lucifer faxoni, 266-271 BO YD, CARL M.: The Benthic and Pelagic Habitats of the Red Crab, Pleuroncodes planipes, 394-403 BREESE, PAUL: see Hunsaker and Breese BRUS KA,G ARY ]. : Th e Ecology of Pelagic Amphipoda I. Species Accounts, Vertical Zonation and Mi - gration of Am phi poda from the Wat ers off Southern California, 382- 393 II . Observations on the Rep rodu ctive Cycles of Several Pelagic Amphipods from the W ater s off Southern California, 449-456 BURCH, ]. B., and R. NATARA]AN: Chromosomes of Some Opisthobranchiate Mollusks from Eniwetok Atoll, W estern Pacific, 252-259 BURCH, JOHN Q., and ROSE L. BURCH: The Family Olividae, 503 -5 22 BURCH, ROSE L.: see Burch and Burc h CAM PBELL, RICHA RD D.: Monobrachium parasitu m, a One-Tentacled H y- droid, Collected at Vancouver Island, 431 CHA MBERLAIN, THE ODORE K .: see Stea rns and Cham berla in COSTLOW, JOHN D., JR., and ELDA FAGETTI: The Larval D evelopm ent of the Crab, Cyclograp- sus cinereus Dana, under Laboratory Conditions, 166-1 77 ELDRE DGE, L. G.: Record of a Lancelet from Hawaii, 564 567 FAGETTI, ELDA : see Cost low and Fagetti FELL OWS, DA VID P., and A. EA RL MURC HISON: A Noninjurious Attack by a Small Shark, 150-1 51 FUR UMOTO, A UGUSTINE S.: A Stud y of the Source Mechanism of the Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami of March 27, 1964 Part II : Analysis of Rayleigh Wave, 310- 316 GO ODI NG, RE GI NA LD M ., and M AGNUSON, JOHN ]. : Ecological Signifi can ce of a Drift ing Ob ject to Pelagic Fishes, 486-4 97 H AMAMOTO, SUSAN T .: see H ohl and Hamamoto H INES, J UDI TH, and RON K ENNY: T he Growth of A rachnoides placenta (L.) (E chi- noidea) , 230-235 HOHL, HANS R., and SUSAN T. HAMAMOTO: Reversal of Ethionine Inhibition by Methionine during Slime Mold Development, 534-538 HOLDEN, J OHN c.: Late Cenozoic Ostracodes from the Drowned Ter- races in the Hawaiian Islands, 1- 50 H UNSAKER, DON, and PAUL BREESE: Herpetofauna of the Hawaiian Islands, 42 3-428 JE RDE, CHARLES W.: A Comparison of Eup hausiid Shrimp Collections Ma de wit h a Micronekton N et and a One-Meter Plank ton N et, 178- 181 J OHNSON, CHARLES G.: see Krivoy, Johnson, and Koyanagi K ENNY, RON: see Hines and Kenny K NIGHT, MARGARET D.: The Larval Development of the Sand Crab Emerita rathbunae Schmitt (Decapoda, Hippidae) , 58-76 K NUDSEN, J ENS W. : T rapezia and T etralia ( Decapod a, Brachyura, Xanthidae) as Ob liga te Ectoparasites of Pocil- loporid and Acrop orid Corals, 51-57 KOMAKI Y UZO: On th e Surf ace Swarming of Euphausiid Crusta- cean s, 433- 448 KOYANAGI, ROBERT Y. : see Krivoy, Johnson, and Koyanagi K RE] SA, RICHA RD ]. : The Systematics of the Prickly Sculpin, Cottus asper Richardson, a Polytypic Species Part I. Synonymy, N omencl atural H istory, and Distribution, 241-251

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Index to Volume XXI

Author Index

ADEGOKE, OLUWAFEYISOLA S.:Pogonoph ora from the N ortheastern Pacific: First

Records from the Gulf of Tehuan tepe c, Mexico,188-1 92

N otes on the Ecology of th e Pogonoph oran G enusGalath ealinum Kirkegaard, 1956, 558-561

ALVARINO, ANGELES:A New Siph onoph ora, V ogtia kuruae n. sp ., 236­

240Bath ymetric D istribution of Chae togn atha, Sipho­

noph orae, Medu sae, and Ctenoph orae off SanD iego, California, 474-485

ARNOLD, B. c.A Hither to Unreco rded Midge Gall of M yrsine

australis (A. Rich.) All an, 115- 118

BOWMAN, T HOMAS E. :T he Planktonic Shrimp , Lucifer cbacei sp . nov.,

(Sergest idae : Luciferinae), the Pacific Twin ofthe Atl ant ic Lucifer fax oni, 266-271

BOYD, CARL M.:T he Benthic and Pelagic H abitats of the Red Crab,

Pleuroncodes planipes, 394-403

BREESE, PAUL:see Hunsaker and Breese

BRUSKA, G ARY ]. :The Ecology of Pelagic Amphipoda

I. Species Accounts, Ve rtical Zonation and Mi ­gration of Amphipoda from the Waters offSouthern California, 382-393

II . Ob servat ions on the Rep rodu ctive Cycles ofSeveral Pelagic Amph ipods from the W ater soff Southern Califo rni a, 449-456

BURCH, ]. B., and R. NATARA]AN:Chromosomes of Some Opisthobranchiate Mo llusks

f rom Eniwet ok At oll , W estern Pacific, 252-259

BURCH, JOHN Q., and ROSE L. BURCH:The Family Ol ividae, 503-522

BURCH, ROSE L. :see Burch and Burc h

CAMPBELL, RICHARD D .:M onobrachium parasitu m, a One-Tentacled H y­

droid, Coll ected at Vancouver Island, 431

CHAMBERLAIN, THEODORE K.:see Stearns and Cham berla in

COSTLOW, JOHN D ., JR., and ELDA FAGETTI:The Larval D evelopm ent of the Crab, Cyclograp­

sus cinereus D ana, under Laboratory Conditions,166-1 77

ELDRE DGE, L. G .:Record of a Lancelet from H awai i, 564


FAGETTI, ELDA :see Cost low and Fagetti

FELLOWS, D AVID P., and A. EARL MURCHISON:A N oninjurious Attack by a Small Shark, 150-1 51

FURUMOTO, AUGUSTINE S.:A Stud y of the Source Mechani sm of the Alaska

Earthquake and Tsun ami of March 27, 1964Part II : Analysis of Rayleigh Wave, 310- 316

G OODING, REGINALD M ., and M AGNUSON, JOHN ]. :Ecological Significance of a Drifting Ob ject to

Pelagic Fishes, 486-497

H AMAMOTO, SUSAN T .:see H ohl and H amamoto

H INES, J UDITH, and RON KENNY:T he Growth of A rachnoides placenta (L.) (E chi­

noidea) , 230-235

H OHL, HANS R., and SUSAN T. HAMAMOTO:Reversal of Ethionine Inhibit ion by Methionine

during Slime Mold D evelopm ent, 534-538

H OLDEN, J OHN c.:Late Cenozoic Ostracodes fro m the D rowned Ter­

races in the Hawaiian Islands, 1- 50

H UNSAKER, DON, and PAUL BREESE:H erpetofaun a of the H awaiian Island s, 423-428

J ERDE, CHARLES W .:A Comparison of Eup hausiid Shrimp Collections

Ma de wit h a Mi cron ekton N et and a On e-MeterPlank ton N et, 178- 181

JOHNSON, CHARLES G .:see Krivoy, J ohn son, and Koyanagi

KENNY, RON:see H ines and Kenny

KNIGHT, MARGARET D .:T he Larval D evelopment of the Sand Crab Emerita

rathbunae Schmitt ( De capoda, Hippidae) , 58-76

KNUDSEN, J ENS W. :T rapezia and T etralia (Decapod a, Brachyura,

X anthidae ) as Ob liga te Ectoparasites of Pocil­loporid and Acroporid Corals, 51-57

KOMAKI Y UZO:On th e Surf ace Swarming of Euphausiid Crusta­

ceans, 433- 448

KOYANAGI, ROBERT Y. :see Krivoy, J ohnson, and Koyanagi

KRE] SA, RICHARD ]. :The Systematics of the Pri ckly Sculpin, Cottus asper

Rich ardson, a Polytypi c SpeciesPar t I. Synonymy, N omenclatural H istory, and

D istribu tion, 241-251

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Part II. Studies on the Life History, with Espe­cial Reference to Migr ation, 414-422

KRIVOY, HAROLD 1., CHARLES G. JOHNSON, andROBERT Y. KOYANAGI :An Unusua l Examp le of Pseudoseisms Resu lting

from Military Exercises, 119-1 28

LANZING, W . J . R.:A possib le Relation between the Occurrence of a

D endritic Organ and the D istribution of thePlotosidae ( Cypriniformes ) , 498-502

LITTLE, GEORGIANDRA:Chromatophore .Responses in Relation to the Pho­

toperiod and Background Color in the HawaiianGh ost Crab, Ocypode ceratopbtbalma (Pall as) ,77-84

M AGNUSON, JOHN ]. :see Gooding and Magnus on

M ALAHOFF, ALEXANDER:Gravity and Geological Studies of an U ltramafic

Mass in N ew Zealand , 129-1 49

M UELLER-DoM BOlS, D ., and C. H . LAMOUREUX :Soil-Vegetation Relati onships in H awaiian Kipu­

kas, 286-299

M URCHISON, A. EARL:see Fellows and Murchison

N ATARAJAN, R.:see Burch and Natarajan

N ELSON, GARETH ].:Bran chial Muscles in Representat ives of Five Eel

Families, 348- 363N otes on the Systemat ic Status of the Eels Neen ­

cbelys and M yroconger, 562- 563

OSBORNE, LYNETTE D .:Comp arat ive Decay Resistance of T wenty-five

Fijian Timber Species in Accelerated LaboratoryTests, 539-5 49

PARARAS-CARAYANNIS, GEORGE:A Study of the Source Mechanism of the A laska

Ear thquake and Tsunami of March 27, 1964.Part 1. Water Waves, 301- 310

PROVENZANO, ANTHONY]., J R.:T he Zoeal Stages and G laucothoe of the Tropical

Eastern Pacific Hermit Crab T rizopagurus mag­nificus (B ouvier, 1898) (Decapoda ; D iogenidae) ,Reared in the Laboratory, 457-473

REHDER, H ARALD A.:A New Genus and Two New Species in the Fami ­

lies Volutidae and Turbinellidae (Mollusca :Gastropoda) from the Western Pacific, 182-1 87

ROGER, CLAUDE:N ote on the Distribution of Euphausia eximia and

E. gibboides in the Equatorial Pacific, 429- 430

ROGERS, T ERENCE A.:see Sath er and Rogers

PACIFIC SCIENCE, Vol. XXI, October 1967

ROSENBLATT, RICHARD H .:The Osteology of the Congr id Eel Gorgasia pu nc­

tata and the Relationships of the Heterocon­grinae, 91 -97

ST. J OHN, H AROLD :Revision of the Genu s Pandanus StickmanPart 21. The Pandanus monticola Group in Q ueens­

land , Au stral ia, 272-281Part 22. A new Species (Se ction H ombronia) from

N ew Caledonia, 282-285Part 23. Three Au stralian Species of Pandanus,

523-5 30Part 24. Seycbellea, a New Section from the

Seychell es Islands, 531-532Part 25. Pandanus tectorius var. sinensis Warbu rg,


SALMON, MICHAEL:Acoustical Behavior of the Menpachi, M yripristis

berndti, in Hawaii , 364-381

SATHER, BRYANT T. :Studies in the Calcium and Ph osphoru s Met abolism

of the Crab, Podophthalmus vigil (Fabricius),193- 209

SATHER, BRYANT T ., and T ERENCE A. ROGERS:Some Inorganic Constituents of the Muscles and

Blood of the Oceanic Skip jack, Katsuwonuspelamis, 404-413

SCHWAB, ROBERT G .:Over t Responses of Polycboerus carmelensis (Tur­

bellaria: Acoela) to Abrupt Chan ges in AmbientWater Temperature, 85- 90

STEARNS, HAROLD T. , and THEODORE K. CHAMBER­LAIN:D eep Cores of Oahu , H awaii and Their Bearing

on the Ge olog ic H istory of the Central PacificBasin, 153-165

STEELE, CAROL W RIGHT:Fungus Populations in Ma rin e Waters and Coastal

Sands of the Hawaiian, Line, and Ph oenixIslands, 317-33 1

STONE, BENJAMIN c.:The Flora of Romonum Island, Truk Lagoon,

Caroline Islands, 98-114Notes on the Hawaiian Flora, 550-5 57

STRASBURG, D ONALD W .:Ob servations on the Biology of the Lousefish,

Pbtbeiricbtbys lineatus (Menzies) , 260-265

SWARTZ, 1. G .:Di stribution and Movement s of Birds in the Bering

and Chukchi Seas, 332-347

UNNITHAN, R. VISWANATHAN:On Some Gastrocotyline (Monogenoidean) Para­

sites of Indian Clupeoi d Fishes, Including ThreeN ew Genera, 210-229

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Subject Index


acoustical behavior of M yripristis berndt i, 364- 381Alaska earthq uake and tsunami of Marc h 27, 1964,

source mechan ism of, 301-316Rayleigh wave and analysis of, 311-316water waves, 301-310

Amph ipoda from southern Cal ifo rnia , species ac­counts, vertical zonation, and migration of , 382­

393reproductive cycles of, 449-456

Angu illoidei, branchial muscles in, 348- 363Aracbnoides placenta, growth of, 230-235Austral ia, three Pandanus species in, 523-5 30

Benthovoluta gracilio r n. sp ., 185- 186Berin g Sea, birds in, 332-347birds in the Bering and Chukchi seas, distribution

and movements of, 323-347branchi al muscles in five eel families, 348-363

calcium and phosph oru s metabolism of Podopbtbal-mus vigil, 193-209

Cenozoic ostracodes from the Hawaiian Islands, 1-50Cent ral Pacific Basin, geo logic history of, 153-1 65Chaetognath a, distribution of, 474-485chromatophore responses in Hawaiian ghost crab,

77-84chromosomes of opisthobranchiate mollusks from

Eniwetok, 252- 259Chu kchi Sea, bird s in, 332- 347clupeoid fishes, parasites of, 210-229congr id eel, osteology of, 91-97corals, obliga te parasites of, 51- 57Cottus asper, 241-25 1, 414-422crustaceans, euphausiid, surface swarming of, 433­

448Ctenophorae, dist ribution of, 474-485Cyclograpsus cinereus, larval deve lopme nt of under

laboratory conditions, 166-177

decay resistance of Fij ian timber, 539- 549dendri tic organ, relation of to distribution of Plato-

sidae, 498- 502 .dr ift ing objects, ecological sign ificance to fish, 486­


earthquake, see Alaska eart hquake and tsuna miEarthquake Information Bulletin, news note from ,

565-566ecological significance of drif ting objects to fish, 485­

497ecology of Galatbealinu m, 558-561eels, branchial muscles in, 348-363

systematic status of N eencbelys and M yroconge;",562-563

Emerita ratbbunae, larval development of, 58-76Eniwetok, chromosomes of mollu sks from , 252- 259Epigonicbtbys maldioensis from Hawaii, 564ethioni ne, in slime mold developm ent , 534- 538Euphausia eximia, dist ribution of, 429-430Eup hausia gibboides, distr ibu tion of, 429-430Eup hausia pacifica in Japanese waters, 433-448

euphausii d crustaceans, surface swarming of, 433­448

euphausiid shrimps, comparison of collection meth­ods for, 178-181

Fijian timber, decay resistance of, 539-549first record s of Pogonoph ora fro m the Gulf of

Tehu antep ec, Mexico, 188-1 92flora of Romonum Island , Caroline Island s, 98- 114fungi, marine, of various Pacific island gro ups, 317­


Galathealinum, ecology of, 558-561Galathealinum mexi canum n. sp., 188-1 92gastrocotyline parasites of Indian clup eoid fishes,

210-229geologic history of Central Pacific Basin, 153-165glaucothoe of hermit crab, 457- 473Gorgasia punctata, osteology of, 91-97gravity and geology of an ultramafic mass in New

Zeal and , 129-1 49Gulf of Tehuantep ec, Pogonophora from , 188-192

H awaii, lancelet from, 564H awaiian flora, taxonomic and nomencl atural notes

on, 550-557Hawai ian ghost crab, chrom atoph ore resp onses in,

77-84Hawaiian Islands, fungi in coastal waters and sands

of, 317- 331herp etofauna of, 423-428late Cenozo ic ostracodes from, 1-50

hermit crab, larval development of, 457- 473herp etofaun a of the Hawaiian Islands, 423- 428Heterocongr inae, relati onship s of, 91- 97hydroid , one-tentacled, f rom Vancouver Island , 431

In dia, parasites of clupeoid fishes from , 210-229inorganic constituents in muscles and blood of oceanic "

skipjack, 404-413

Katsuwonus pelamis, inorganic constituen ts in, 404­413

kipukas, Hawaiian, soil-vegetatio n relationships in,286-299

lancelet recorded from Hawaii, 564larval development of Cyclograpsus cinereus, 166­

177of Emerita ratbbunae, 58-76of T rizopagurus magnifi cus, 457-473

Line Islands, fungi in coastal waters and sands of,317-33 1

lousefish, biology of, 260-265Lucifer cbacei n. sp., description of and comparison

wi th L. faxoni, 266-271Lucifer faxoni, comparison wit h L. cbacei n. sp .,


marine fungi, populations in Pacific islands, 317-331Medusae, distr ibu tion of, 474-485menpachi in H awaii, acoustical behavior of, 364- 381

Page 4: Author Index - ScholarSpace


methionine, in slime mold development, 534-5 38micronekton net, used in collection of euphausiid

shrimps, 178-181midge gall of M yrsine australis, 115-118mil itary exercises, pseudoseisms resulting from, 119­

128mollusks, opisthobranchiate, chrom osomes of, 252­

259M onobrachium parasitu m from Vancouver Island,

431Monogenoidea parasitic on Indian clupeoid fishes,

210-229muscles, branchial, in five eel famili es, 348-363M yripristis berndti, acoustical behavior of, 364-381M yroconger, systematic status of, 562-563M yrsine australis, mide gall of, 115-118

N eencbelys , systematic status of, 562-563N ew Caledonia, new species of Pandanus from, 282-

285new genera of gastrocotyline parasites, 210-229new genus of Volutidae, 182-183new species of gastrocotyline parasites, 210-229

of Pandanus, 279-281, 282-285, 527of plankt onic shr imp, 266-271of Pogonophora, 188-192of Siphonophora, 236-241of Turbinellidae, 185-186of Volutidae, 182-1 83

N ew Zeal and , ultramafic mass in, 129-1 49news note, from Earthquake Information Bull etin,

565-566north eastern Pacific, Pogonophora from, 188-192

Oahu , deep cores of and their bearing on geo logichistory, 153-1 65

O livida e, 503-522opis thobranchiate mollusks, chromosomes of, 252­

259osteology of congrid eel, 91-97ostracod es, Cenozoic, from Hawaii, 1-50

Pandanus, of Australia, 523- 530from N ew Caledonia, 282-285in Queensland, 272-281from Seychelles Islands, 531-532t ectorius var. sinensis, 533

Pandanus, revision of, Part 21, 272- 281Part 22, 282-285Part 23, 523-530Part 24, 531-532Part 25, 533

pelagic Amph ipoda, ecology of, 382- 393reprodu ctive cycles of, 449-456

pelagic fish, ecology of, 486-497Phoenix Islands, fun gi in coastal waters and sands of,

317-331phosph orus and calcium metabolism of Podopbtbal­

mus vigil, 19 3-209photoperiod and background color, chromatophore

responses to, 77-84Phtheirichthys lineatus, biology of, 260-265

PACIFIC SCIENCE, Vol. XXI, October 1967

plankton net, one-meter, used in collection of euphau-siid shr imps , 178-181

Pleuroncodes planipes, habitats of, 394-403Plotosidae, distribution of, 498-502Podopbtbalmus vigil, calcium and phosphorus me­

tabolism of, 193-209Pogonophora from the northeastern Pacific, 188-192Polycboerus carmelensis , responses to changes in

water temperature, 85-90prickly sculpin, synonymy, nomenclatural history, and

distributi on of, 241-251life hist ory and migration of, 414-422

pseudoseisms resulting from milit ary exercises, 119­128

Qu eensland , Pandanus mont icola . in, 272-281

Rayleigh wave, in stud y of Alaska earthquake, 311-316

red crab, benthi c and pelagic habit ats of, 394-403reproductive cycles of pe lagic arnphip ods, 449-456Romonum Island, flora of, 98-11 4

sand crab, larval development of, 58- 76Seychelles Islands, new section of Pandanus from,

531-533shark, attack by, 150-151shells of family Oli vidae, 503-522shrimps, euphasiid, collection meth ods for, 178-1 81Sigaluta n. gen., 182

pratasensis n. sp., 182-1 83Siphonophora, new species of, 236-240Siphonophorae, distribution of, 474-485skipjac k, constituents in muscles and blood of, 404­

413slime molds, effect of ethionine and methionine on

development of, 534- 538soil-vegetation relat ionships in Hawaiian kipukas,

286-299southern Calif ornia, pelagic Amphipoda from, 382-

393, 449-4 56surface swarming of euphasii d crustacea ns, 433-448

Tetralia, as parasite of corals, 51-57tide stations, new, in Chile, 565-566timber, Fiji an, decay resistance of twenty-five species

of, 539- 549T rapezia, as parasite of corals, 51-57T rizopagurus magnificus, larval development of, 457-

473tsuna mi, see Alaska ear thquake and tsunamiTsu nami Warning System, 565- 566Turbinellidae, new species in, 183-186

ultramafic mass in New Zealand, 129-1 49

Vancouver Island , one-tentacled hydroid from , 431V ogtia kuruae n. sp., 236-240Volutidae, new genus and new species in, 182-183

water temperature, responses of Polycboerus tochanges in, 85-90

water waves associated wit h Alaska earthquake, 301­310

zoeal stages of hermi t crab, 457-473