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Autodesk Simulation CFD 2015 What's New

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Autodesk Simulation CFD 2015

What’s New

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Current Capabilities

Cavitation, humidity, steam, free surface

New Simulation CFD 2015 Capabilities Liquid-gas phase change simulation

Accounts for effect of boiling on thermal and flow behavior

Available for Water, Ammonia, R134A, and other refrigerants

plus custom blends

Target applications include phase change heat exchangers

& radiators

Phase Change Modeling

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Mesh adaptation has improved solution speed

and quality in many applications since

introduced in Simulation CFD version 2013.

We have continued to improve adaptation and

extend the model to cover more applications.

In version 2015 we are adding:

Free shear layers

Compressible shocks

Heat producing parts

Mesh Adaption Improvements

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Heat Sinks represented: Micro Channel (extruded fin)

Pin Fin (inline and staggered)

Offset Strip

Manufacture Tables

Basic Setup: Simple block to represent sink*

Assign Approach surface

Assign Base surface

Assign material properties base materials can differ from pins/fins

Simplified Heat Sink Model

*Certain Restrictions apply

16 pins

1.6M elements

Simple block

0.4M elements

2.5x Faster

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Often times users need to specify BC

with gradient. This allows for a more

accurate representation of inlet


Applications include

Models where inlet conditions need

to match physical measurements

Wind shear applications

Spatially Variable Boundary Condition

Wind tunnel CFD

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Provide a fast, repeatable

way of documenting results




Customizable Report Generator

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Consistent Design Study Bar collapse/expand


Shell element resistance heating

Expanded import options

- STEP, CATIA, IGES, Rhino, Siemens JT

SpaceClaim CAD launcher

Revised Inventor launcher presentation

Anisotropic blending available within UI

Wall roughness model for SST

Cloud and remote solve robustness

Simulation CFD pressure mapping to Simulation


Other Customer Focused Improvements

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