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Balloon borne experiment of MeV-Gamma Camera with μ-PIC

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Balloon borne experiment of MeV-Gamma Camera with μ-PIC. H.Nishimura T.Tanimori, H.Kubo, K.Miuchi, K.Tsuchiya, S.Kabuki, A.Takeda, Y.Okada, K.Hattori, K.Ueno, S.Kurosawa (KYOTO University). Photo: Saga balloon Festi. MeV gamma-ray Camera with μ-PIC System and Operation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Balloon borne experiment of MeV-Gamma Camera with μ-PIC

  • Balloon borne experiment of MeV-Gamma Camerawith -PICH.NishimuraT.Tanimori, H.Kubo, K.Miuchi, K.Tsuchiya, S.Kabuki, A.Takeda, Y.Okada, K.Hattori, K.Ueno, S.Kurosawa(KYOTO University)

    MeV gamma-ray Camera with -PIC System and Operation of first balloon experiment Summary and Future work2007MPGD Photo: Sagaballoon Festi.

  • COMPTEL(1-30MeV) onboard GRO (1991-2000) MeV Gamma-ray AstrophysicsSchnfelder, et al.(2000) COMPTEL(1-30MeV) 32 sourcesEGRET(>100MeV) 271 sourcesHartman, et al,(1999)Nucleosynthesis Supernova: Nuclear emission from RIParticle Acceleration Pulsar, GRB, Solar flare, Active Galactic NucleiStrong gravitational field Stellar BH, PBH (Page & Hawking, 1976)Galaxy evolutionstructure extra-galactic g-ray diffuse BGCosmic-ray origin, propagation galactic g-ray diffuse emission

  • Sensitivity gap in MeV gamma-ray regionkeVMeVGeVTeVsensitivityAll Sky surveyNeXT1mCrabEGRETAir CherenkovGLAST(2007)Our Goal

  • MeV-gamma Compton CameraClassicalex.COMPTELtwo source image

  • Our Compton Camera Gas Time Projection Chamber (-TPC) Recoil electron with 3D track and energyless Multiple Scatter Scintillation Camera Direction and energy of scatter -ray.Get Direction and energy of incident gamma-ray event by eventGeometrical angle v.s Kinematics angle Reject incorrect Compton event

  • To detect recoil electron. Gas Time Projection ChamberElectric Field(E=0.4kV/cm)Drift Velosity(Ar) =4cm/msecLarge Volume.>101010cmStrong Structureless readout65000pixel512line -PIC+GEMgain 200010500020400m3mm

  • Our Camera imaing[cm][cm]40cm137Cs54Mn

  • Our road map (10cm)3 MeV -ray Camera @ Sanriku(2006)(30cm)3Camera @Japan 6 hours(2009?)Operation test of gas-TPC @ 35kmCosmic Back ground atmosphere gamma-ray measurementexpect: 0.11MeV Total 300 [email protected] of Crab and Cyg X-1(40cm)3CameraLong flight Balloon10 Days(50cm)3 Cameraall-sky survey on satellite

  • TPC 10cm -PIC+10cmGEMXe+Ar+C2H6gas (80:18:2) 1atm101014cm3Gain -PIC 2000 GEM 15GSOscintilator

    5cm 33 MAPMT Anti Plastic scintillator30cm30cm3mmTPCGSOScintiTPC AmplifierPlastic ScintiFPGA DATA taking systemVME Module CPU ADC telemetry Counter boardNIM Module Scint. AMP DACBalloon Model of Our CameraDATAwrite HDD+send ground by FM radio11.4m

  • Balloon containerInside of BesselatmDetectorDAQ systemHard DiskSensorsDC-DC conv.BatteryBattery

    Outside of BesselDC-DC converterBatterySensorsBallast Case1.45m1.20mMI sensor1.55mcontainer :1.451.21.55m3Bessel:11.4m3 Container +detector Mass397kgPower: 350WBessel220WFor Balloon flighttransmitter, receiver,transponder, buoy,sensorGPSBesselAl thickness=3mmNo attitude control

  • Balloon B100(100,000m3)Mass816kg(balloon 263kggondola397kg25.8kg130kgbuoyancy888.2kg

    Balloon [email protected] Sanriku, Japangondola package1.55m1.45m1.20m

  • Our detector FlightMiyagi Pre.kesennumakamaishiMiyako150kmFlight traceLevel flightaltitude Flight for 7 hoursAM 5:26(JST)DAQ on 6:11 Launch 8:56into Level Flight 12:59 DAQ off 13:45 Slash down 14:32 recover by ship [hour]35.0Km32.0Km

  • level flighttelemetryno problemdetectorDAQno problemrate of data taking20HDead time DAQ trigger rate GSO TRIGGER RATE (No VETO)CPUinner airouter airPower SystembatteryTemperature [hour]/GSO sumtrigger rate Flight Status

  • operation of TPC @32km height launchEndRate of micro dischargehouraltitudeNo critical dischargeand damagefor -PIC and GEM.

    Increasing -discharge caused by large energy deposit event .

  • Charged Particle ModeredLandau function 4.8 keV/cm @ peakMIP 5.3 keV/cmdE/dx Single trackSingle TrackMulti TrackE /dx[keV/cm]

  • Observation of MeV Gamma-ray Observed -rayspectrumPreliminary @height of 3235 km, 3.5 hour with 3str Field of view Total ~250 photonsFinal result is coming soon...

  • Next Step(10cm)3 MeV -ray Camera @ Sanriku(2006)(30cm)3Camera @Japan 6 hours(2009?)Observation of Crab and Cyg X-1(40cm)3CameraLong flight Balloon10 Days(50cm)3 Cameraall-sky survey on satellite3030 cm2 -PIC2328cm2 GEM or 1528cm2GEMDevelopment low power read out system CMOS-ASIC with KEK

  • ConclusionBalloon experiment of MeV gamma-ray Camera with -PIC10X10X14cmGas TPC + GSO Scintillatormeasurement of diffuse gamma-ray2006/9/1 launchhours flight4 hours level flight at the hight of

    Detect 250 photons (100keVMeV)No critical discharge and no damage at detector (-PIC)Our -TPCTPC was operated without any problem.Future workmore detail analys of flight data

    Construct larger detector

  • 3235 km, 3.5 3str Total ~250 photons PreliminaryPreliminary 100900 keV 3235km, 3.5h

  • (3str) cosmic: Fc = a Eb exp(-z/tot) a,b: free parameter tot: mean free path atmospheric: Fa = c E-d z c,d: free parameter R(z) = (Fc + Fa)effdEfitting

    cosmicatmospheric Diffuse Cosmic Gamma-ray flux: fluxPreliminary


  • 15ch6ch6chPIONOFF3chPI158DAQshutdownHV 64kbps Bi-phaseDAQ1kB1GPS 1pps1kB 0.5kB

  • [cm][cm]40cm137Cs54Mn

  • 10%@662keV(FWHM) 9.0%@662keV(FWHM)662keV cm123456879GSO(Ce)6x6x13mm3 8x8PMT(HPK H8500)8x8TPC33

  • 1015 kmrawEvent selection0.5MeV1.0MeV