Banking Listening Report Example Sept 2010

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Harvested conversations from the web about banks in the UK and the USA


<ul><li> 1. This presentation contains proprietary/confidential company information.<br />All unauthorized distribution prohibited. Any unauthorized recipient please immediately notify Digital-MR by email at<br />Web Listening Banking Example<br /><br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Topics<br /> 3. Listening framework<br />The DigitalMR Approach<br />A taxonomy can be created for each product/service category in order to track sentiment accurately.<br />Parsing<br />Parsing<br />Parsing<br />Classification<br />Classification<br />Taxonomy<br />Counting Terms<br />Keyword Sentiment<br />Feature-Level Sentiment<br /> 4. Listening<br />VoC<br />Communities<br /> Analyzing large volumes of unstructured data<br />WebCall Centre CRM DBSurveys<br />Unstructured Sources<br />Software Tools<br />Curation<br />Insights<br /> 5. Frequently Asked Questions &amp; Answers<br />Are the kind of people who post comments on the web representative of the clients of a brand?<br />A:No they are representative of the people who have access to the internet and are inclined to voice their opinion.<br />Are the people who post comments on the internet an important enough group for my brand?<br />A:Yes since they make their opinion public for everyone to see. Their impact can be much higher than one can measure.<br />Does everyones posted comment have the same influence on the market perception of my brand?<br />A:No it depends on the person who posts a comment and their personal influence e.g. No. of followers, celebrity etc.<br />When a web-listening report is set-up do I only get comments harvested from that point in time onward?<br />A:No back-data is available as long as the posts are still on the internet with the date of the post registered. <br /> 6. Sample insights ReportBanking USA/UK<br /> 7. Share of Voice by Bank<br /> 8. Negative and Positive Share of Voice<br /> 9. Banking- # of Posts by Source<br />Drill-down level 1<br /> 10. Share of Voice on Twitter by Bank<br />Drill-down level 2<br /> 11. HSBC Sentiment on Twitter<br />Drill-down level 3<br /> 12. HSBC Negative Sentiment on Twitter<br />Drill-down level 4<br /> 13. Posts from My 3 Cents by Sentiment<br /> 14. My 3 Cents Negative Sentiment by Bank<br /> 15. Post Frequency of Banking Features <br /> 16. BoA Sentiment by Feature<br /> 17. Negative Sentiment for BoA Customer Service<br />Drill-down to find out whatthey say<br /> 18. Further drill-down to the <br />Actual comments on the <br />Websites where they posted the Comments.<br /> 19. Banking - Conclusions &amp; More Questions<br /> 20. NEW: Banking Monthly Syndicated Report<br />Launching Month: October 2010.<br />Deliverables: Monthly powerpoint report with recommendations and access to online data for custom analysis. Presentation and action planning workshop optional.<br />Annual syndicated report price for the launching customers: 12,000 (includes 12 reports) .<br />For comparison purposes, price for a customized tracking program: 42,000 per annum.<br /> 21. 22. Special Offer Free Web Strategy Workshop<br /></p> <ul><li>Objective: Attempt to answer some of the questions on Digital 23. Duration: Half a Day 24.Participants: Multi-department, multi discipline </li></ul> <p># of Mentions<br />Sentiment<br />Features<br />Individual<br />Comments<br />PR<br />Product<br />Development<br />Marketing/<br />Market Research<br />E-Commerce<br />Brick &amp; Mortar<br /> 25. DigitalMR Ltd.<br />Contact: Michalis A. Michael<br /><br />Trading Address: 9 Coldbath Square :: London :: EC1R 5HL :: UK<br />Registered in England No. 07237941 - Registered Office: The Grange :: 100 High Street London :: N14 6TB :: UK :: Dir +44(0)207520 1510<br />Mob +44 (0) 7515710370 <br /><br /></p>