Banking Listening Report Example Sept 2010

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Harvested conversations from the web about banks in the UK and the USA


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    Web Listening Banking Example

2. Topics
3. Listening framework
The DigitalMR Approach
A taxonomy can be created for each product/service category in order to track sentiment accurately.
Counting Terms
Keyword Sentiment
Feature-Level Sentiment
4. Listening
Analyzing large volumes of unstructured data
WebCall Centre CRM DBSurveys
Unstructured Sources
Software Tools
5. Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Are the kind of people who post comments on the web representative of the clients of a brand?
A:No they are representative of the people who have access to the internet and are inclined to voice their opinion.
Are the people who post comments on the internet an important enough group for my brand?
A:Yes since they make their opinion public for everyone to see. Their impact can be much higher than one can measure.
Does everyones posted comment have the same influence on the market perception of my brand?
A:No it depends on the person who posts a comment and their personal influence e.g. No. of followers, celebrity etc.
When a web-listening report is set-up do I only get comments harvested from that point in time onward?
A:No back-data is available as long as the posts are still on the internet with the date of the post registered.
6. Sample insights ReportBanking USA/UK
7. Share of Voice by Bank
8. Negative and Positive Share of Voice
9. Banking- # of Posts by Source
Drill-down level 1
10. Share of Voice on Twitter by Bank
Drill-down level 2
11. HSBC Sentiment on Twitter
Drill-down level 3
12. HSBC Negative Sentiment on Twitter
Drill-down level 4
13. Posts from My 3 Cents by Sentiment
14. My 3 Cents Negative Sentiment by Bank
15. Post Frequency of Banking Features
16. BoA Sentiment by Feature
17. Negative Sentiment for BoA Customer Service
Drill-down to find out whatthey say
18. Further drill-down to the
Actual comments on the
Websites where they posted the Comments.
19. Banking - Conclusions & More Questions
20. NEW: Banking Monthly Syndicated Report
Launching Month: October 2010.
Deliverables: Monthly powerpoint report with recommendations and access to online data for custom analysis. Presentation and action planning workshop optional.
Annual syndicated report price for the launching customers: 12,000 (includes 12 reports) .
For comparison purposes, price for a customized tracking program: 42,000 per annum.
21. 22. Special Offer Free Web Strategy Workshop

  • Objective: Attempt to answer some of the questions on Digital 23. Duration: Half a Day 24.Participants: Multi-department, multi discipline

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