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Baroque Architecture

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Baroque Architecture

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Baroque Architecture

Baroque ArchitectureBaroque is the period of art between 1600 and 1780.Born in Rome.One of the essential features of this huge artistic period is that architecture is monumental.But mainly characterized by colosalidad dimensions, the opulence of the methods and excessive decoration. It is the style of bombast and exaggeration.The reason for these peculiarities can find it by the Church of the Counter used it as a manifestation of his greatness

GENERAL FEATURES OF BAROQUE ARCHITECTUREIn Baroque architecture dynamism and theatricality stand before the rest.The use of precise geometry.We must also add the interest in the movement, the prominent role of decoration, etc..The proportions of the columns were duplicated, giant order,From 1630, begin to proliferate elliptical and oval smaller plants,The baroque palace is organized on three floors and instead of focusing on a single cubic block, such as the Renaissance, seems to extend endlessly in various wings

Optical effects and contras

The facades and interior design.

Palacio deVersallesMajor artists of the BaroqueCarloMadernoGianLorenzo Bernini

LaIglesia de Santa Susana

San Pedro del Vaticano

Baldaquinode San Pedro del Vaticano

Columnata de la Plaza de San Pedro del Vaticano

Iglesia de San Andrs en el Quirinal

Fuente de los Cuatro Ros