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Genset controller

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Publication: 9400200990 Revision: K 01/09

INTRODUCTIONThis instruction manual provides information about the operation and installation of the DGC-2020 Digital Genset Controller. To accomplish this, the following information is provided: General Information and Specifications Controls and Indicators Functional Description Graphical User Interface Operation Installation Maintenance and Troubleshooting LSM-2020 (Load Share Module) CEM-2020 (Contact Expansion Module) AEM-2020 (Analog Expansion Module) Time Overcurrent Characteristic Curves Modbus Communication PID Tuning Settings

WARNING! To avoid personal injury or equipment damage, only qualified personnel should perform the procedures in this manual.

NOTES DGC-2020 controllers are mounted using the four permanently-attached 10-24 studs and the provided self-locking nuts. Failure to use the proper 10-24 locking nuts may damage the stud threads and/or improperly secure the DGC-2020. Be sure that the controller is hard-wired to earth ground with no smaller than 12 AWG copper wire attached to the chassis ground terminal on the rear of the unit. When the controller is configured in a system with other devices, it is recommended to use a separate lead to the ground bus from each unit. The DGC-2020 utilizes password protection that guards against unauthorized changing of DGC-2020 settings. The default passwords are listed below. OEM access level: OEM Settings access level: SET Operator access level: OP

9400200990 Rev K

DGC-2020 Introduction


First Printing: November 2006 Printed in USA 2009 Basler Electric, Highland Illinois 62249 USA All Rights Reserved January 2009

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION of Basler Electric, Highland Illinois, USA. It is loaned for confidential use, subject to return on request, and with the mutual understanding that it will not be used in any manner detrimental to the interest of Basler Electric.

It is not the intention of this manual to cover all details and variations in equipment, nor does this manual provide data for every possible contingency regarding installation or operation. The availability and design of all features and options are subject to modification without notice. Should further information be required, contact Basler Electric.

BASLER ELECTRIC ROUTE 143, BOX 269 HIGHLAND IL 62249 USA, PHONE +1 618.654.2341 FAX +1 618.654.2351ii DGC-2020 Introduction 9400200990 Rev K

REVISION HISTORYThe following information provides a historical summary of the changes made to this instruction manual (9400200990), BESTCOMSPlus software, firmware package, and hardware of the DGC-2020. Manual Revision and Date K, 01/09 J, 08/08 I, 07/08 H, 02/08 G, 11/07

Change Updated manual to support firmware version 1.08.01 changes and BESTCOMSPlus version 2.03.00 changes. (See firmware and BESTCOMSPlus history below for details.) Removed duplicate Speed Controller Tuning Procedure from Appendix C. In Appendix B, added additional information for registers 40436 40476. Added Section 10, AEM-2020 (Analog Expansion Module). Added information for Automatic Generator Detection in Section 4. Improved CANbus diagrams and notes throughout manual. Added information for Integrating Reset function in Section 4. Added information for Configurable Protection in Section 4. Improved definition of Emergency Stop Input in Section 6. Added installation diagrams for MTU MDEC ECU in Section 6. Added Typical LSM-2020 Interconnection Diagram in Section 8. Enhanced Section 7, Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Added Synchronizer Operation under Breaker Management in Section 3. Improved Communication in Section 4. Added Bits 6 through 10 to register 44822 in Appendix B. Added Appendix C, Tuning PID Settings. Changed Output Contacts 13 through 24 rating from 2 Adc to 1 Adc. Changed Output Contacts 25 through 36 rating from 10 Adc to 4 Adc. Added Section 9, CEM-2020 (Contact Expansion Module). Added Section 8, LSM-2020 (Load Share Module). Updated HMI screens layout in Section 2. Added BESTCOMSPlus Multigen Management screens. Updated manual to support firmware version 1.02.00 changes and BESTCOMSPlus version 1.03.00 changes. (See firmware and BESTCOMSPlus history below for details.) Added description of Clock Setup screen in BESTCOMSPlus. Updated several BESTCOMSPlus screen shots. Increased Low Coolant Temp Pre-Alarm range to 30 - 150F. Removed International Modem option from Style Chart in Section 1. Added coverage of part numbers 9400200105 and 9400200106. Added Event Recording in Section 3, Functional Description. Minor text edits throughout manual. Initial release

F, 08/07

E, 05/07

D, 03/07 C, 02/07 B, 11/06

9400200990 Rev K

DGC-2020 Introduction


BESTCOMSPlus Version and Date 2.03.00, 01/09 2.01.00, 07/08 1.02.00, 05/07

Change Added Export to File feature. Added settings for Phase Toggle and Initializing Messages on General Settings, Front Panel HMI screen. Re-arranged CANbus Setup screen and added ECU Setup screen under Communications. Added settings for 51-3 element under Generator Protection, Current. Added setting for Off Mode Cooldown on System Parameters, System Settings screen. Added Remote Module Setup screen under System Parameters. Added Remote LSM Inputs settings and metering screens under Programmable Inputs. Added settings to Bias Control screens for Var/PF control. Added kVar A, B, C, and Total to Power and Summary metering screens. Re-arranged MTU metering screens. Added MTU Status screen and MTU Engine Status screen. Added BESTlogic+ Input Objects for Configurable Elements, Configurable Protection, Front Panel Buttons, PF Mode Active, Pre Start Input, and Run Input. Added BESTlogic+ Pre-Alarms for Checksum Fail and CEM Hardware Mismatch. Added BESTlogic+ Elements for 51-3, COOLSTOPREQ, COOLDOWNREQ, EXTSTARTDEL, PRESTARTOUT, RUNOUTPUT, STARTDELBYP, and STARTOUTPUT. Added Relay Control settings on System Parameters, System Settings screen. Added support for CEM-2020H. Added settings for AEM-2020. Added settings for Automatic Generator Protection. Added settings for Integrating Reset on 51 function. Added settings for Configurable Protection. Added settings for CEM-2020. Added settings for LSM-2020. Added/Updated screens to support firmware version 1.02.00. (See firmware history below for details.) Added password protection for portions of the programmable logic. Made all status LEDs available as inputs for PLC logic. Added Spanish language support. Added Clock Setup screen. Changed layout of several screens. Removed International Modem option from Style Chart. Added Chinese language support. Initial release

2.00.01, 04/08 1.04.01, 12/07 1.03.00, 08/07

1.01.02, 04/07 1.01.01, 02/07 1.00.07, 11/06


DGC-2020 Introduction

9400200990 Rev K

Firmware Package Version and Date 1.08.01, 01/09 1.07.02, 09/08 1.06.00, 07/08 1.02.00, 05/07 1.00.08, 03/07 1.00.07, 01/07 1.00.06, 11/06

Change Changed time dial range of 51 element fixed time curve from 0-30 s to 0-7,200 s. Added Phase Toggle Delay setting for front panel HMI. Added Off Mode Cooldown feature. Added 51-3 element. Added Var/PF control. Added LSM Input settings. Added Checksum Fail and CEM Hardware Mismatch pre-alarms. Added kVar A, B, C, and Total metering. Added several MTU items to metering. Re-arranged CANbus Setup screens and added ECU Setup screens on front panel HMI. Added support for CEM-2020H. Finalized settings for AEM-2020. Added settings for AEM-2020. Added settings for Automatic Generator Detection. Added settings for Integrating Reset on 51 function. Added settings for Configurable Protection. Added settings for CEM-2020. Added settings for LSM-2020. Added 32 and 40Q protection functions. Added Automatic Restart function and Exercise Timer. Added dual settings for 51, 27, and 59 functions. Added Oil Pressure Crank Disconnect Enable. Modified Prestart operation during rest cycle. Added 2 additional Engine kW Overload Pre-Alarms. Added Low Line Scale Factor for EPS Supplying Load and Engine kW Overload Pre-Alarms. Changed the metering range of coolant temperature to 32-410 F. Changed the Low-Coolant Temp Pre-Alarm range to 32-150 F. Added Spanish language support. Minor firmware improvements. Added Chinese language support. Initial release

1.05.00, 04/08 1.04.00, 12/07 1.03.00, 08/07

9400200990 Rev K

DGC-2020 Introduction


DGC-2020 Hardware Version and Date P, 01/09 N, 09/08 M, 07/08 L, 04/08 K, 01/08 J, 12/07 H, 12/07 G, 08/07 F, 04/07 E, 03/07 D, 02/07 C, 01/07 B, 11/06

Change Release firmware package 1.08.01 and BESTCOMSPlus 2.03.00. Release firmware package 1.07.02. Release firmware package 1.06.00 and BESTCOMSPlus 2.01.00. Release firmware package 1.05.00 and BESTCOMSPlus 2.00.01. Added definition of emergency stop input terminals. Release firmware package 1.04.00 and BESTCOMSPlus 1.04.01. Switched LCD heater types for manufacturability. Release firmware package 1.03.00 and BESTCOMSPlus 1.03.00. Release BESTCOMSPlus 1.02.00. Release firmware 1.00.08 and changed LCD heater. LCD heater and battery holder made as a standard feature. Deleted, added, or changed components to enhance product. Initial release


DGC-2020 Introduction

9400200990 Rev K

CONTENTSSECTION 1 GENERAL INFORMATION ................................................................................................ 1-1 SECTION 2 HUMAN-MACHINE INTERFACE ....................................................................................... 2-1 SECTION 3 FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION .............................................