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  • 1. Beata PanuszewskaPOLAND

2. The Republic of Poland is located in centralEurope. It borders onGermany in thewest, the Czechand SlovakRepublics in the south, Lithuania,Belarus and Ukraine in the east, while its northern border isdelimited by the 3. WARSAW is Polandscapital and the largest city.It is located upon the longest Polish River, the Vistula. Poland is dividedinto 16 provinces.The major Polish cities include Krakow,Gdansk, Ldz, Katowice, Poznan, Szczecinand Wroclaw. 4. EMBLEM AND FLAGThe flag of Poland consists of two horizontal stripes ofequal width, the upper one white and the lower onered.The two colors are defined in the Polish constitution as the national colors. The coat of arms of Poland is an imageof a crowned white eagle in a red field. 5. CURRENCY The zoty meaning"golden", is thecurrency ofPoland and it issubdivided into100 groszy. 6. Most Poles, approximately 89%, aremembers of the Roman CatholicChurch what makes Poland one of the most devoutly religious countries inEurope.JOHN PAUL II ,sometimes calledJohn Paul the Great, reigned as Pope ofthe Catholic Church from 1978 until hisdeath in 2005 7. SOSNOWIEC is a city located in the south of Poland. It is a county capital, a mining and industrial region with about 225,202 inhabitants. 8. Sosnowiec is a city of knowledge, with importanteducational infrastructures for more than 13 000of people. Sosnowiec houses the departmentsof several universities: the University of Silesia,Silesian Medical Academy, the TechnicalUniversity of Silesia and the Teachers College of Foreign 9. What to see in Sosnowiec? 10. The Complex of Electronicsand Informatics SchoolsCourses: electronics technician informatics technician teleinformatics technicianSpecializations: computer systems and nets computer equipment repair and maintenance computer technique and audio-visual devices industrial electronics and automatics computer graphic design and multimedia internet applications and others.. 11. International projects