Ben Howard album artwork analysis

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Analysis of Ben Howard Every Kingdom


<p>Dyer on celebrity:Dyer believes that celebrity figures are not real and promote themselves to be a certain image which may not reflect their true personality. The artist himself is trying to represent himself as a certain type of character. He is trying to reflect his country background through the use of images with him at one with nature however this maybe a fake image he is producing to try and escape from the celebrity lifestyle. We cannot be sure that the artist is true to this style behind the scenes. Technical Codes:The artist is a silhouette figure swimming down to the deep sea which may represent his lyrics as being deep and meaningful. He has used rule of thirds within the artwork as we read the artists name and then look down towards the bottom third to see the artist. Denotation:Sunlight piercing through the seaConnotation:The exposure of the bright sunlight above the deeper blue of the sea may symbolise how the artist is swimming lower and lower into a mysterious place which could represent his fast introduction into the limelight and the music industry.This may express elements of the enigma codes as the audiences may draw their own conclusions and explore their own deeper beliefs however there is no right or wrong answer as the meaning behind the image is only certain to the artist himself. Typography:The name is in bold and is evidently bigger than the name of the album. This denotes how the artist is the most important aspect of this album and this is due to the fact it is his debut album and he is a solo artist. Also a basic/white font is used to ensure the artwork is not over complicated and connotes the purity behind the nature of his music. Denotation:White text San serif, full CAPSConnotation:The white of the text may coincide with the white of the sunlight to symbolise the purity behind the music genre.</p> <p>Style of music:Ben Howard is an artist who produces country/folk music therefore a naturalistic approach to the album cover would coincide with the music genre. The colour gradually blends from piercing sunlight through to the deep blue sea. Dyer of celebrity:There is one main focal point within the cover and this is the centralisation of the artist which again pieces together with the typography.Josh Rose</p>