Ben Howard Poster Analysis

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<ol><li> 1. Ben Howard Poster Analysis Existing PosterResearch </li><li> 2. Negative Space Contrasting Blue andWhite ColoursMain Focal Point Of Poster (Ben Howard)Bold and Urban ThemeFont TypesDifferent ApproachTo Poster Non animatedPhotoMise en Scene ofPerformers hairand idyllic backgroundof brick wall, isrelevant to Folk Genre.Props ClothingVery casualAnd nonInformal.ShowsLayedBack andFree willingPersonalityOf PerformerMasculine Colours-Diver symbolises thePerformers song is aboutChallenges and adventure.Relates well to FolkGenreGreen and yellowContrast colourCombination VeryJoyful and Folk LikeAtmosphere in Photo.Impact Style Font Reinforces the PowerOf the Performers Album.</li></ol>