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<p>Advanced Portfolio Homework task. Submission Thursday 17th</p> <p>Task 2: Now write up your analysis, using screen grabs from the video to illustrate your points. (800-1200 words)Throughout the video there is a distance between the couple, which suggests a distance in their relationship. However it cross cuts to a room that presents a close proximity between each other- this suggests a relationship which is stereotypical of music to represent this theme. The woman is painting her nails, which is a positive stereotypical representation of women as they are stereotyped to pamper themselves. Also, the man has long hair which is a positive representation of the fact that it challenges the stereotype of men having short hair.Moreover, the man is covered in tattoos which are stereotypical of a man because they are known to have them. However, it is a negative representation of a man because they include pictures of knifes, which promotes violence. Also, their body language looks relaxed as they sit watching the building ahead.Close proximity </p> <p>The woman sat in the chair doesnt seemed fazed by the fact the man with the gun, as she is more focused on painting her nails, unaware of what is going on- the song is about being aware of what is current and what is now after spending so much time in the music world you start to realise what has happened and what were the definitive moments in your life or in whats going on around you</p> <p>From the beginning the man is shooting at the building, but nothing happens. However, as they walk away at the end the building ahead collapses, which could be signifying the collapse of a relationship- they walked away from it so it fell apart. Therefore this could fit in with the title of the song I forget where we were, suggesting the artist is referencing a past relationship.</p> <p>Moreover, the gun held by the man is a negative representation of the male gender, because It is presenting to the audience that he is violent, especially to the fact that he also wears tattoos- this is stereotypical of gangs. It promotes the idea of violence, death or something coming to an end, which therefore suggests the idea that it is about the strength of a relationship.There is also a book could be a metaphor for the saying I can read you like a book- the tattoos also play a part in this, because they are stereotypically known for representing a story or memory of the owner, which the viewer can read. The butterfly, which is covering his chest, is symbolic for love and Spirituality- further emphasising the fact that the music video is based upon a narrative enigma of love.</p> <p>The mid-shot of the male characters back looks like the image of last meal from the bible, but also looks like it could be a row of roses at the top of the strip. </p> <p>The video is set on a beach which represents solidarity and also relaxation, as it is associated with a holiday. It also can indicate peacefulness for those reasons. The blue of the sea compliments the yellow of the umbrella and seats, giving the video a freshness and lively feel to it. The fact that the man and woman are placed on either side of the umbrella and the book in-between them, suggests they are split into two sides. The book is closed which could represent the fact that they are shut off from each other, in the aspect of a relationship.They are both sat on either side of the umbrella, indicating they are on different sides, against each, conflict, for example, in an argument or places within their relationship.</p> <p>The mise en scene is very clean, which helps draw the attention towards the characters and sat underneath the umbrella-yellow symbolises happiness. The fact that they are bot sat under it could indicate their happiness which complements the symbolic meaning of the colour blue, as this represents depth and stability, and therefore could represent the stability of a relationship.</p> <p>The blue of the seas complements the blue of the sky.</p> <p>Yellow of the umbrella compliments the yellow tones within the sand.</p> <p>The lighting is extremely high key because they are outside on a beach, however there is a crosscut to the man and woman in a dark room within a close proximity of each other- suggesting a relationship between them. There are a lot of mid shots and cutaways back and forth from the man and women to the building ahead, indicating the building is a metaphor for their relationship.</p> <p>The non-diegetic sound tells the audience about the struggles of remembering where [they] were</p>