Benefits of Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing, more commonly called simply the cloud is usually distant hosting space in a substantial collection which might be networked in concert permitting facts to become stored just about all a single centralized location.


<p>Benefits of Cloud Computing</p> <p>What is Cloud Computing?Cloud Computing, more commonly referred to as simply the cloud is remote servers in a large group which are networked together to allow data to be stored all in one centralised place. It allows online access to computer resources and services and can be either public, private or hybrid. Previously programs or applications would be run by businesses from software downloaded on a computer or server in their building, but now, with cloud computing this can all be accessed through the internet.Cloud computing is also a great way to get the most out of the internet. Not only are resources shared amount multiple users but also can be reallocated depending on demand. For example, the cloud may be dedicated to European users during the day and then changed over to North American users at night as the demand in Europe will have died off.Benefits of Cloud ComputingThere are many benefits of cloud computing that wasnt seen with the traditional way of storing data on servers in the building. With the invention of cloud computing there has been a number of benefits seen by moving to this new style of computing. Cost The cost of getting set up has been greatly reduced by moving to cloud computing. Previously business would have to spend a lot of money upfront on infrastructure to support their needs, whereas now you can usually pay as you go. There is also no need to spend large amounts on licencing fees or hardware and software. Accessibility Cloud computing allows easy access to your information anytime and anywhere. With the cloud people from all over the world are able to access the same information as long as they have an internet connection, so regardless of where your employees are they can stay up to date with whats going on. Recovery Solving any issues that may arise will also be a lot quicker with cloud computing. The cloud computing company will do all of the work to have any issues fixed and will usually do this in half the time of businesses that arent using the cloud. Security With all information stored in the cloud, nothing will ever be lost. Even if a laptop is lost or damaged, everything that was on that laptop will have been stored in the cloud, meaning that you can pick right back up where you left of when you get a new laptop. The cloud computing company will also maintain all the necessary security updates on the cloud, meaning that all your work is safe from external threats. Environment - With multiple people using the same cloud it reduces each businesses carbon footprint as each business is only using what they need rather than having a dedicated server room which is required to be kept cool and may not be operating at maximum capacity.Cloud Computing CompaniesOne such company who offers cloud computing is Rack Lodge. They focus entirely on cloud computing and have 24/7 customer support. Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, they are continuously investing in the most up to date physical infrastructure as well as support teams. The have firewalls to protect your data as are also resilient to hardware failures to ensure they are always available.</p>