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in Malting and Brewing from Ballarat College Melbourne University, Australia. Was the first Expert Brew Master of India. Kiran explored the new field of biotechnology and set up Biocon India to work with enzymes. After training from the parent company in Ireland, she set up her Rs.75 crore manufacturing unit in Bangalore, India. Kiran is a multifaceted woman. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad Chairman of All India Art Exhibition, Member CII, Member Advisory Committee and the IndoAmerican Chamber of Commerce .


Mazumdar-Shaw is the quintessential pioneer amongst Indian businesspersons. She led the biotechnology business revolution in India from the forefront. She chose to do business in a new field starting out from a garage in her house in Bangalore in 1983. In a country where R&D scenario on an industrial level was very dull, she started a contract research organization. Today, her Biocon India is a top biotechnology firm in India and she heads the Biotechnology Vision Group.

Once she said in a interview I think leadership is about shared vision.I think if you can share the passion, commitment, sense of purpose, spirit of challenge with others, who believe in the same kind of value then, you can attract like-minded people. Thats what I have done. I just shared my vision and sense of purpose with a lot of likeminded people. I feel leadership is about how you retain people. You motivate them, you make them feel excited about belonging to the same set of goals and it is also about team-spirit. I have also believed in building great teams.I also believe if you want to build great teams, you should make people concentrate on definite goals.I am not a kind of person who will postulate about where you will be after 10 years because this field is so fast moving that what I am doing today will be completely different from what Ill be doing 10 years later.


is inspired by people like Narayan Murthy and Azim Premji. She is also inspired by Mohd. Yunus who started the micro-finance revolution and is fascinated by the way he has built the whole model. Jack Welch is a very big role model for her in terms of management style.


Shaw has a unique quality of motivating her staff to achieve great heights. She conducts numerous meetings to interact in person with her employees and to ensure her presence is sense of motivation to those who surround her. She emphasised that the team should be knowledgeled in their marketing. Acknowledging the effort even when there sales target is not met. Mrs Shaw encouraged the new employees to be entrepreneurial and focused on innovation. She emphasised that it was okay to make mistakes as long as one learnt from them.


emphasised the importance of entrepreneurship. She believes that entrepreneurship is about risk management and not risk taking. She is a CEO who has inculcated the ability to motivate employees at various levels. She takes part in the hiring decisions of the top management in order to keep the core culture of the company intact. She plays the role of an effective CEO going far beyond the boardroom, into the day-to-day working of the company, building the culture of the company and keeping the company together.


juggled investment on new products. Spent heavily on ORAL INSULIN. Some products like BESTOR, BASALOGTM considerably less expensive than other leading brands. Two of its novel programs on the verge of proof-ofconcept stage are IN-105, which is the only oral insulin in the world to be in long duration clinical trials, and the T1h, a novel humanized monoclonal antibody (MAb), the only first-in-class novel MAb being tested in India for rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.

IN 105 Subcutaneous Insulin is very effective in the treatment of diabetes but its prescription is generally delayed due to inconvenience of needle usage and potential hypoglycemia (caused by excess insulinisation). In contrast, Oral Insulin (ie. Insulin in tablet form) is simple and painless to administer. Additionally, it is delivered through the portal vein, mimicking the natural physiology of the body. If successful in the clinic, Oral Insulin could become a very important therapy for intervention in earlier stages of diabetes.

T1h T1h is a novel humanised Monoclonal Antibody that blocks the activity of CD6, a specific antigen found on the surface of an important cell type in the immune system, T cells. T1h suppresses T cell proliferation in vitro and is expected to modify the course of arthritic disease in the clinic by modulating T cell behaviour.


to set up manufacturing and R&D unit in Malaysia. Biocon announced a strategic foreign direct investment in Malaysia with the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation SdnBhd (BiotechCorp). Biocon proposes to invest around RM500 million (approximately US $161 million) in this facility in the first phase which is targeted to be operational by 2014.

Biocon Group (consolidated) For Nine-Months ended December 31, 2010 Total Income at Rs 2,097 crores. Up 21% YoY. EBITDA at Rs 471 crores. YoY growth was 28%. PAT at Rs 267 crores. YoY growth was 25%. EBITDA Margin at 22%. Earnings Per Share at Rs 13.6. Headcount at 5,300+ employees. For three months ended December 31, 2010 Total Income at Rs 738 crores. Up 15% YoY. EBITDA at Rs 178 crores. YoY growth was 34%. PAT at Rs 101 crores. YoY growth was 24%. EBITDA Margin at 24%. Earnings Per Share at Rs 5.2.

There can be a leader without vision but there cant be a leader without mission - Kiran Mazumdar Shaw