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  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 1

    Blackboard 8 to Blackboard 9

    What we will cover:

    New Features in Blackboard Changes to the Interface Getting your Content into Blackboard 9

    o Download and Save From Blackboard 8 o Course Copy from 9 to a new semester on 9 o Customizing your course Teaching Style o Setting Availability -

    Control Panel >> Customization >> Properties

    What's New

    Inline Assignment Grading Inline Assignment Grading enhances the grading experience for faculty and teachers in Blackboard Learn. Instead of requiring instructors to download student-submitted files to view or edit those submissions, instructors can now see those files "inline," i.e. in the web browser. Annotation tools also enable instructors to provide feedback -- comments, highlights, and even drawing -- directly on the inline view of the document. Watch a quick video to learn more now or signup to attend a webinar.

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    Comparing Blackboard 8 to Blackboard 9:

    Blackboard 8 has the Display View/Edit View in the upper right hand corner and the tool bar just below.

    Blackboard 9 has pretty much the same structure; it just looks a little different. And they call it Edit Mode with and Off and On toggle.

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    The Control Panel is still with us, but with easier access.

    In Blackboard 8 the Control Panel is located on its own page. In Blackboard 9 the Control Panel is located below the course menu. All the control panel functions are always present below the course menu.

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    The drop-down arrows are everywhere. Use them to manage all your content. Whenever you see a drop down arrow, roll over and /or click on it to see what functions it contains.

    Below are some examples of the hidden menus under the drop down arrows.

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    Blackboard 9 Schedule:

    Blackboard 8 and 9 are both currently running in parallel. Courses have been created for the Fall 2013 semester in both platforms and students will be loaded in both 8 & 9. Faculty can choose to use 8 or 9 for the Fall, but must use 9 in the Spring of 2013.

    Courses in Blackboard 8 are set by default to be unavailable to students. Courses in Blackboard 9 are set by default to be available to students. If you do not want your students to have access to the course before the start of the semester you need to set the course to unavailable.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 8

    To set the availability for your Blackboard 9 course:

    It would be helpful if you contacted your students and let them know which platform you will be using for fall. At this time, students have no other way of knowing unless you tell them.

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    Move your course from Blackboard 8 to Blackboard 9

    Save and download a course backup file from Blackboard

    1. Go to the Control Panel

    2. Select either Export Course or Archive Course. The main difference between these two choices is that the Archive function will create a backup file that gives you the option of saving all student data and the Export option does not. Export will also let you choose to save just some of the content. For example if you just want to move all your test and questions pools, or your assignments.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 10

    3. We want everything in the course, so we will click the Archive option.

    4. If you need to include student data and assignments, check the include Grade Center History check box. (You would do this for an end of semester backup.) To just archive the course to copy for a new semester, you would not check this box.

    5. Click the Submit button.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 11

    6. You will see a confirmation message. It will take a few minutes before the file appears. An email will be sent to your Sul Ross email account telling you when the process is complete.

    7. Refresh this page by going back to the control panel and clicking the archive link again. You should see your file now. Click on the file to download it to your computer.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 12

    8. The download box will appear. Make sure Save File is selected, and then click the OK button.

    The file will be saved to your computer. The location of the downloaded file depends on which Browser you are using. You can set that location in Firefox by going to Options > Options again and then select the General tab. Use the Browse button to set a new location if you want to change the default. Internet Explorer asks you where you want to save the file to on your computer each time you download a file.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 13

    This is a Blackboard zip file. You cant open it on your computer; you have to import it back into a blank Blackboard course shell to see any of the materials.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 14

    Import the course from Blackboard 8 to 9: 1. Go to the course in Blackboard 9 where you want the content from Blackboard 8.

    2. The first thing I do is delete the links that are there by default. My content will be added to the course and these links will be redundant and confused with my content. Delete everything except Help. Any of these links can be added back later if you decide you need them.

    3. To delete the links, Roll over the link and look for the drop down arrow on the right.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 15

    4. Click on the down arrow to reveal the options menu. Select Delete. Do this for each link.

    Here is how my menu looks just before I import my content.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 16

    Now you are ready to bring in your content from Blackboard 8.

    5. Click on Packages and Utilities. 6. Then select the last option Import Package/View Logs.

    7. Click on Import Package.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 17

    8. Select Browse My Computer

    9. Navigate to where your archived file is, select it and click the Open button.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 18

    Under Section 3, choose Select All. Then click the Submit button.

    It may take several minutes, anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes for the course to copy.

    You have to be patient because Blackboard 9 doesnt give a lot of reassuring feedback during the copy process. The only way I know it accepted my submit is to look on the bottom left of my screen and see this message.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 19

    After a couple of minutes the screen will refresh and I will see this message:

    Followed by this message:

    And finally this message:

    Dont worry too much about the errors. You will have to carefully check through your course because sometimes things dont copy over. Most things will, but you will end up going back into Blackboard 8 and retrieving documents that did not make it over.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 20

    Copying Previous Course Information to Your New Courses

    1. Log into the Blackboard 9 server and click on the course with the information youd like to move to another course.

    2. Navigate to the Control Panel in the bottom left of your course screen.

    3. Click on Packages and Utilities, then Course Copy.

    4. In the Select Copy Type use the drop-down menu to choose Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 21

    5. Click on the Browse button.

    A small browser window will pop up that lists your other course. Note: If you choose the wrong course and click submit on the next page, any data in that course may be overwritten. Please double-check that youre moving files to your intended course.

    6. Once youve checked the circle on the left of the intended course, click Submit and youll return to the previous setup page. Here you have the option to move over tests, assignments, calendar events, journals, announcements, Discussion Boards, and more.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 22

    You will also have option to pull in student/grade data from your old course and into your new course. Choose any of the options, but do not choose Adaptive Release Rules for Content and Include Enrollments in the Copy. These options will pull in your previous rosters and roster settings, so make sure they are unchecked.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 23

    Customize Your Course Menu

    To change your course menu colors and text use the Teaching Style link on the Control Panel under Customization. Options are also available under this link to change the overall look and feel of the course.

  • Blackboard 8 to 9 Page 24

    Blackboard 9 Resources

    Tarleton website - lots of links to videos

    A couple of good overviews:

    University of Oregon (contains "gotchas")