Bocardo House Junior Campuses CIE Wesley Memorial Church

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Slide 2 Bocardo House Junior Campuses CIE Wesley Memorial Church Slide 3 CIE Staff Slide 4 Classes Irma Director of Studies for Juniors (At Bocardo House) Slide 5 MaxJulie Accommodation Officers (At Bocardo House) Slide 6 Hisashi Finance Manager (At Bocardo House) Slide 7 Cassandra Junior Activities Manager (At Bocardo House) Slide 8 Doctors Register with your homestay familys doctor Slide 9 First aid? Cassandra Irma Max Slide 10 Fire Safety Oxford Union Slide 11 Church Fire Safety Chutneys Slide 12 This morning 1. Test 2. Find your room3. Join your class Slide 13 On Tuesday Issues about your level? Tell your teacher or Irma You can only change class on Wednesday or the following Monday Slide 14 Lunch and Activities 12:30-1:30 Lunch at CIE 1:30 Activities meet at CIE Slide 15 Class Rules Be on time - Morning classes start at 9:00 if you are 15 minutes late the teacher may not let you in Listen when the teacher is talking Listen when others are talking Slide 16 * You cannot leave school until an adult has signed you out * At the end of the day... Slide 17 Slide 18 You are expected to go straight home after school unless the host family agrees otherwise, with the conditions that: Under 18 s 1. You tell the host family who you will be with 2. You tell the host family where you will be 3. You provide a contact number so that the family can contact you at any time 4. You are with at least two other people (one to stay with you, and another to find help, in an emergency!) 5. You must be back by the curfew - or earlier if the host family prefers! Slide 19 Please read Life at CIE for more information about School guidelines and lessons Activities Discipline and policies Host family accommodation Oxford Life Life at CIE Slide 20 Thank you for listening