Breaking Food Jags: How to get picky eaters to eat healthy foods?

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  • 1. Breaking Food JagsHow to Get Picky Kids to Eat Healthy FoodsL-MO Nov

2. It begins with childhood. Having Poor Nutrition Decreases a persons lifespan upwards of twenty years. 3. The best thing any Parent can do isencourage good nutrition at a young age 4. Studies show that if a child is exposed a targetfood item 10-15 times, he or she willeventually develop a tolerance, if not a liking for it. 5. Its not easy.What most parents dontrealize, is that thisrepetition requires theformation of habits. 6. Motivation tends to drop with each failure 7. To be Successful, Realize No Pressure- Food cannot be a battle. 8. And RealizeExposure does not mean eating the target food 9. Exposure cansimply be a fewbites of target food on your childs platetwice a day. 10. Dont let low motivation stopyou from consistency in exposure. 11. Prepare 3 days ofthe target food inadvance. Spend nomore than 20 minutes doing sofor each cycle. 12. Exposure works because children are afraid of trying new foods. 13. By adding a small portion into achilds snack or meal everyday,you give them the opportunity to grow an affinity for thetarget food. 14. If you do this, you will beable to get your child todevelop a lasting affinity for certain foods. 15. Good Nutritionleads to ahigher qualityof life andlonger lifespan. 16. Choose your target foodtoday. Make a lasting change.