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<ul><li><p>Business Administration Human Resource &amp; Management Concentration 1</p><p>Business Administration Human Resource &amp; Management ConcentrationComposite Major</p><p>Department Chair: Jeffrey Moser,, (701) 845-7523Faculty Contact: Brenda Tyre,, (701) 845-7515Department Office: 125 Vangstad, (701) 845-7521Schedule a Visit:, (701) 845-7101 or (800) 532-8641,ext. 7101</p><p>MajorThe Business Administration HR/Management concentration programprepares students with the core competencies essential to succeed in alltypes of business environments. This versatile program includes courseworkin accounting, human relations, management, marketing and a variety ofbusiness technologies. Graduates are prepared for a variety of careersleading to management positions in service and manufacturing industries,the government sector, or entrepreneurial endeavors. Graduates may alsochoose to pursue further education in MBA programs, law school or otherspecialized graduate programs. Career opportunities include positions suchas Business Administrator, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, ManagementConsultant to Government, Operations Director, Manager, Human ResourcesManager, Human Resources Generalist, Staffing Coordinator, CorporateTrainer, Recruiter and Compensation/Benefits Specialist.</p><p>GET INVOLVED IN YOUR MAJORCollegiate DECA: The mission of DECA is to prepare emerging leaders andentrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in highschools and colleges around the globe. DECA provides opportunities forstudents to be academically prepared, community oriented, professionallyresponsible, and to become experienced leaders. DECA helps promotenetworking, innovation, integrity, and teamwork for all members. Studentshave the opportunity to participate in leadership conferences, state andinternational competition and professional development which will help aidstudents in their mastery toward employability skills.</p><p>VCSU Ag Club: The goals of the club are to provide opportunities formembers to develop the skills, abilities, and leadership qualities necessaryto enter and advance in careers in agriculture, agribusiness, agriculturaltechnologies, horticulture, and natural resources. Any student preparingfor a career in these areas is welcome to join. Members will participate inleadership activities specifically focused on the agricultural environment.</p><p>Practical ExperienceStudents are encouraged to earn credits by extending their learning beyondthe classroom. For example, several prominent firms in the region offerinternship programs that provide supervised business training. Firms suchas Bank Forward, John Deere Seeding Group, Gander Mountain, Coca-Cola,WDAY, Farm Services Agency, Chamber of Commerce, KOVC and Best Buyhave had VCSU students in their internship programs. Shadowing allowsstudents to observe managers in daily work routines. Students will havethe opportunity to also participate in economic development activities suchas tours, workshops, fairs and conferences. An internship can be a partof a student's academic program and can take place any semester aftersophomore year for 3 to 12 credits. Student interns gain hands-on workplaceexperience to build resumes, become well prepared to enter a specific career</p><p>field, network with professionals in the career field of interest, and may gain afull-time position through that experience.</p><p>VCSU was a wonderful experience for my undergraduate degree.Because of the small teacher-to-student ratio, I was able to get to know myprofessors really well. Help was always available when I needed it. Withthe smaller class sizes, I was able to get to know my classmates reallywell. too. In the business program, I learned how to effectively work withothers as well as on my own, and I made lifelong contacts and friendswhile doing so. Lindsay Lagodinski 14, Ellendale, N.D.; UND School ofLaw</p><p>Plan of StudyFirst Year</p><p>Fall Credits Spring Credits</p><p>BUSI249 1 COMM110 (Gen Ed) 3</p><p>CIS170 3 ECON202 3</p><p>ECON201 3 ENGL125 3</p><p>ENGL110 (Gen Ed) 3 MATH103 (Gen Ed) 3</p><p>HPER100 (Gen Ed) 2 Lab Science (Gen Ed) 4</p><p>Lab Science (Gen Ed) 4 </p><p>UNIV150 1 </p><p> 17 16</p><p>Second Year</p><p>Fall Credits Spring Credits</p><p>ACCT200 3 ACCT201 3</p><p>Additional Humanities or Social Science(Gen Ed)</p><p>2 BUSI214 3</p><p>Literacies (Gen Ed) 3 BUSI336 3</p><p>MGMT235 3 BUSI337 3</p><p>MRKT305 3 MATH210 3</p><p> MRKT319 3</p><p> 14 18</p><p>Third Year</p><p>Fall Credits Spring Credits</p><p>BUSI315 3 ACCT307 3</p><p>FIN375 3 ACCT321 3</p><p>MGMT270 3 BUSI350 3</p><p>MGMT340 3 MGMT330 3</p><p> MGMT372 3</p><p> 12 15</p><p>Fourth Year</p><p>Fall Credits Spring Credits</p><p>BUSI480 3 BUSI485 3</p><p>COMM304 3 BUSI491 1</p><p>COMM483 3 COMM311 3</p><p>Elective 3 Elective 3</p></li><li><p>2 Business Administration Human Resource &amp; Management Concentration</p><p>Elective 3 Social Science (Gen Ed) 3</p><p> 15 13</p><p>Total Credits 120</p><p>Please note: This plan is intended for general information only. Studentsare strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor each semesterbefore registration.</p></li></ul>


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