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  • Success Story Hager Group

    Business Landscape TransformationSNP

    The Hager Group, with headquarters in Blieskastel, Saarland, Germany, is a leading provider of systems,

    solutions, and services for power distribution in buildings, and electrical installations. Around 11,000

    employees generated sales of over EUR 1.3 billion in 2007. The global company has 30 production sites in

    12 countries. The sales presence in 55 countries is supported by over 7,000 points of sale from wholesale

    partners. Thanks to its close relationships with customers and distributors, the Hager Group has a strong

    local and regional presence.

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    "The System Landscape Optimization Method of SNP AG is faster and cheaper than conventional

    methods. It allowed the Hager Group to transfer, even very large SAP clients of 400 gigabytes, in a few

    hours on to the central platform. The downtime was reduced to a minimum. "

  • Business Landscape TransformationSNP


    In order to become even stronger internationally, Hager Group centralized the SAP systems of their country

    offices to their headquarters in Blieskastel, Saarland. With group-wide standardized processes, functions,

    and data, customers around the globe will be supplied even faster and targeted with the desired electrical

    distribution systems. The System Landscape Optimization Method of SNP AG secures a rapid and cost-

    effective migration of highly complex clients. The project was implemented by SNP THEBIS.


    • Project start: Prepare Business Blueprint for the documentation of the future business

    and process scenarios

    • Transfer of state-specific sequences of Corporate Functions

    • Conversion from a previously country based, to a process-and function-based, IT organization

    • Migration of 10 SAP clients with 40 Hager subsidiaries in 10 European and non European countries

    • Upgrade from SAP 4.6 C to SAP ECC 6.0 including Unicode conversion

    • Harmonization of vendor and material master and chart of accounts


    Along with the brief system downtime during the migration, System Landscape Optimization provided

    by SNP has the advantage that the full data history to the SAP target system is taken over. All data is

    migrated correctly. Thus the new systems can be run immediately after the migration. The Hager Group

    is able to switch off the decentralized legacy systems in parallel to the migration. This saves considerable

    operational support efforts. The users continue work, without instruction and training, in the new SAP