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  • The pupils of the 6th grade of Ekpaideftiria Panou private primary school

  • Invite you to a 15 minute journey to Greece and to Nafpaktos.

    Please enjoy!

  • Getting to know GreeceIf this is the world map

  • Then Europe is here!

  • And Greece is here!

  • Some geographyGreece is a country in Southeastern Europe.Greece has land borders withAlbania, theFormer Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north, andTurkeyto the east. Greece has the11th longest coastlinein the worldand counts 1400 islands of which 227 are inhabited.

  • So as you understand blue is our colour!

  • a myth

    EUROPEThe most popular myth about Europa says that she was the daughter of Agenor, a Phoenician king, and later became a wife of Zeus, the King of Gods. According to the legend, Europa was the epitome of feminine beauty on Earth. Zeus once saw her on the seashore of Phoenicia playing with her friends. He was so captivated by her beauty that he fell in love with her and developped a strong desire to possess her. Immediately, he took the form of a white bull and approached her. Europa looked at the extraordinary animal curiously and dared to touch and later hug him because he appeared so calm to her. Later, she was somehow motivated to climb on his back. As soon as she did so, Zeus ran to the sea and carried her all the way from Phoenicia to the island of Crete. There he regained his human form and mated with her under an evergreen tree.

    This was the abduction of Europa, who later gave birth to three sons of Zeus, Minos, Rhadamanthys and Sarpedon.

  • And some historyThe earliest evidence of human presence in the Balkans, dated to 270,000 BC, is to be found in northern Greek.

    Ancient Greece produced many magnificent achievements in areas of government, science, philosophy, architecture and the arts that still influence our lives.

  • Places to visit

  • The capital of Greece is Athens!One of the worlds oldest cities.The Acropolis is the most popular ancient monument in Athens and in Greece.

  • The Acropolis museum

  • The Olympic stadium celebrating Athens 2004 Olympic Games

  • Greece!

  • Nafpaktos!

  • Our school is in Nafpaktos!A small town located in Central Greece and yet by the sea! The name of our town means where boats are built

  • This is the region of Etoloakarnania (a Greek department)

  • And this is where you will find Nafpaktos!

  • To arrive to Nafpaktos, you have to cross a big bridge

  • Nafpaktos is next to the 2nd biggest port and 3rd biggest city of Greece, Patra.

  • Nafpaktos is well known forThe battle of Lepanto ,The venetian castle,The nice beaches,The green mountains andThe delicious karydopasta!

  • The battle of LepantoTheBattle of Lepantotook place on October 7th 1571 when a fleet of theHoly League, decisively defeated the main fleet of theOttoman Empire. The victory of the Holy League helped to prevent the Ottomans from advancing further along the Mediterranean flank of Europe.

  • The venetian castle

  • The nice beaches!

  • Mountainous Nafpaktia

  • Every fall in the mountains of Nafpaktia, we celebrate the chestnut festival!

  • The yummy food!

  • The delicious pastries such as ekmek kataifi or karydopastaKarydopasta is a pastry made with walnuts (nou, noce)

  • In Nafpaktos two are the most celebrated events:The commemoration of the Battle of Lepanto, the 7th of October or the weekend after.There is a representation of the battle and different events occur during one week.

  • The celebration of Good Friday.For the orthodox religion the most important holy day is Easter. On Good Friday, all churches perform a litany of the icon of Jesus after the crucifixion. Two of these icons meet at the port of Nafpaktos. Candles are lighten all over and in the sea as well as a burning cross hanging from the port.

  • The traditional dance of our area is not the syrtaki! But a dance called tsamikos!

  • Ekpaideftiria Panou

    Is a private primary school and college located just in the entrance of Nafpaktos.It is quite a new school since it has been established in 2007.It is named by the owner of the school Mr. Spyridon Panou.WELCOME! !

  • School!

  • In our schoolPupils learn greek, english and a choice between french or german.Besides the greek educational program, they have the possibility to be involved in different programs such as journalism, theater group, dance, learning to play chess, sport teams, swimming etc.

  • We hope we gave you a nice picture of our school!You are welcome to visit us!