CGS 3220 Lecture 3

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CGS 3220 Lecture 3. Introduction to Computer Aided Modeling Instructor: Brent Rossen. Adding Details – Overview. How to extrude polygonal faces How to move faces How to delete faces How to combine objects How to move the pivot point About construction history - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of CGS 3220 Lecture 3

  • CGS 3220Lecture 3Introduction to Computer Aided Modeling

    Instructor: Brent Rossen

  • Adding Details Overview How to extrude polygonal facesHow to move facesHow to delete facesHow to combine objectsHow to move the pivot pointAbout construction historyHow to delete construction history

  • Opening your fileCtrl+o or File > Open SceneIf you cant find your scene, you havent set your projectEither, cancel and File > Project > set or click Set Project in the bottom right of the dialog boxSince well be making changes, be sure to save the scene as a new scene, File > Save Scene As, name it Garage02

  • Garage OpeningTo make the garage door, lets start by changing the rooms geometry and make an openingFirst, lets add some geometry by changing the number of subdivisionsSelect the garage input in the channel boxClick drag all the subdivision items and MMB+drag to the right to increase the attributes to 5 (virtual slider)

  • Extruding Polygonal FacesExtruding polygons is one of your main methods for making changes to geometry. To extrude faces:Hit F11 to display faces in component modeSelect the appropriate faces for the garageEdit Polygons > Extrude FaceAn all in one manipulator will appearUse the translation portion of the manipulator, grab the blue axis and bring it in a little to make a border

  • Extrude and ScaleEdit Polygons > Extrude Face againLMB+drag the square to scale the extruded faces smaller in z, yLMB+drag the yellow translation arrow to move the bottom border even with the floor

  • Door FrameExtrude againTranslate the faces towards the outside of the garage to create the inside door frameNow delete the selected facesThis creates the door opening

  • Garage DoorNow lets make the door to fit in the openingWell model a single plankThen duplicate it like last lecture to make the restThen combine the pieces together to make a single doorCreate > Polygon Primitives > CubeMove the cube to the bottom of the door frameScale the cube into a plank, rename it plank

  • One More PlankRotate the plank a little towards the inside of the garageEdit > Duplicate Options, reset, then dupMove the second plank up so the bottom touches the top of the last oneScale both planks out until they are just touching

  • Many More Planks!Figure out the difference in height by subtracting the height of the bottom plank from the height of the top using the channel boxEdit > Duplicate optionsCopies: 6Translate Y: top bottom

  • Combining PolysNow that were done with making the door, lets simplify door manipulation by combining them all into one big pieceWith them all selected: polygon > combineRename the new model to garageDoor

  • Adjusting PivotsWhen new objects are combined, the pivot point is placed the center of the world, we want it in the center of the objectTo automatically center the pivotModify > Center PivotTo move the pivot point manually, press the insert key (Home on Macs)Move it around, then hit insert again to get back to regular manipulatorsLets move it so the garage door appears to open correctly

  • DoorknobNow well give the door a doorknob, so our characters have something to grab when they want to open itMake a new polygon primitive cube and rename it knobInput:Width: .5, Height: .25, Depth: .25Subdivisions Width: 2Move it to an appropriate place on the door

  • Symetric FacesExtrude the two faces on each side of the front cube as shownAfter you extrude, you can move one face, and the other face will be moved symmetrically. The faces are moved based on the faces own normal

  • More KnobContinue extruding and moving until you get the look in the imageTo finish it, smooth the doorknobRMB > Object ModePolygon > Smooth

  • Construction HistoryAll the different tools used on the doorknob are still accessible from the inputs section of the channel boxSelect one of them and you can make changes to what you have already done, without losing work youve done laterThe extrude manipulator is displayed if you select one of themLets try changing some settings

  • Deleting HistoryKeeping all that history around is intensive for both calculation and sizeespecially later when you are working with high poly charactersNow that were sure the doorknob is done, lets get rid of the historyEdit > Delete by type > HistoryTo delete all history in the scene: Edit > Delete all by type > History

  • ConclusionSave your scene!Theres lots more to polygonal modeling, but you can create a wide range of things with what youve just learnedWell get more in-depth with modeling later, for now, well try to experience many different 3d Modeling and Animation topicsIn the next lesson, we add colors to the scene with shaders and textures