Christian Teaching on Stewardship and Attitudes Towards the Environment

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<p>Christian teaching on stewardship and attitudes towards the environment</p> <p>All Christians believe that after death God will judge them for their actions while they were living. Most Christians believe that this also includes how they have looked after the earth. The Earth belongs to God: The earth is the Lords, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. (Psalm 24:1) Therefore Christians should respect what their creator owns and is not theirs. The Bible shows Gods anger towards people who have ruined the environment: I brought them into a fertile land to eat its fruit and its produce. They came and made my land unclean. They made my property disgusting. (Jeremiah 2:7) Jesus teachings on loving one another and helping people in need mean that Christians today should share the resources of the world more equally.</p> <p>Muslim teachings on Stewardship and attitudes towards the environment The whole environment must be looked after and treated with respect from Muslims due to it being a gift made by Allah for humans. All Muslims are part of the Ummah (Muslim brotherhood). This includes past and future generations of Muslims as well as those living all over the world currently. Therefore, all members of the Ummah should share in the Earths resources, which means looking after the environment for the future. On the day of judgement (Yawmuddin), Allah will judge everyone according to how they have lived their lives and carried out his wishes. This includes judging people on whether they have behaved as stewards of the Earth</p>