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Full STEAM Ahead How to use your Space, Time, Energy And Money to create a simpler, smarter life

Closet makeover

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Full STEAM Ahead

Full STEAM Ahead

How to use your Space, Time, Energy And Money to create a simpler, smarter life

Hi. Its a pleasure to be here this morning.I am from right over in Souderton, and I have been a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers since 2006. I WASNT BORN ORGANIZED! Put myself through college, lived and taught adults in Switzerland, worked in pharmaceutical industry in quality department. As owner of An Extra Hand Organizing, I am called by frantic, frustrated people who feel stuck. They are late for work because they cant find keys or cell phone, they misplace things, miss deadlines, cant cant cant. Cant eat on the dining table, cant have guests in the guest room, and cant park the car in the garage. They usually realize they need help managing their space, and while that is true, I also see problems with managing their time, and their energy, and they are not paying enough attention to how they use their money. Which prompted me to write a book that emphasizes paying attention to all four resources.

So what can I do to help them? I start by using some very basic organizing skills.1

Organizing is Not Rocket Science

What I do for my clients is to create a user-friendly environment that is uniquely adapted to their needs. Got six children? Home office? Six cats and a parakeet? Is the person left handed or right handed? Food allergies? All of these will play a part in the final product. But the goal is to have a simple, smart environment that supports their needs. Some basics apply to allHeres an exercise we can do to demonstrate one. Its visual observation, so I will ask everyone to raise a hand.2

I havent got a thing to wear!

This is a typical closet. How would you describe it? Jumble? Messy? Hard to see whats going on. A lot of this is here by default.3

Create a closet budgetHow many of each type do you need?Decide quantities before you start.Keep only your favorites!

HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE A CLOSET THAT SEEMS CROWDED? Before you tackle your closet, decide which type of clothing you wear most (Pants and tops? Suits? Dresses?) and know your best colors!4

Prepare a workspace

This includes setting aside enough time and energy to work on it. It ALWAYS saves time and energy if you take a couple of minutes to get set up. And always leave clean up time at the end!5

Collect your tools

Once you get started, you want to stay focused, so have everything you need right there before you begin. What are these things for? SET YOUR TIMER! DONT LEAVE THE ROOM TILL ITS ALL DONE!6

Pull everything off the shelf

To do a good purge, you need to be able to see each garment. Same for cleaning out your handbag you need to dump it out to get the objectivity you need to really sort it out. 7

SortTry on what youre not sure ofDonate what you dont wear/loveMove items that dont belong herePut off-season in storage bags or binsMake neat stacks by type of garment When will you repair it? Will you really?No more than 3 items on probation

Take the time to go step by step.8

Sort your hanging clothes

Use the same sorting technique.9

Evaluate everything!

Is it you? Do you love it? Does it fit? Do you have something to wear with it?

If you love it, but it doesnt match anything, wear it shopping so you can match the color. BE REALISTIC!10

Whats changed?

The clothes can breathe, you can see whats there. Look at pant lengths. Hang Bermuda's or capris straight down, long pants folded once. Makes it easier to get dressed!11

Pull, sort, arrange shoes

Put your common ones on the top row! If you have lots of shoes you dont only wear for special occasions, consider getting a shoe organizer you can slide under your bed. 12

Before and After

Before and after pictures are a great way to motivate and remind yourself of your progress! THIS IS A USER FRIENDLY CLOSET.13

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