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CMS 2: Advanced Web Editing - Content. Presented By: Katie Pagano, Special Projects Manager Steve Pont, Product Architect. Learning Points. Configure a custom Community Landing Page Customize the Recent Blogs Control Syndicate the Google Translate Widget across a Microsite - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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CMS 2: Advanced Web Editing - ContentPresented By:Katie Pagano, Special Projects ManagerSteve Pont, Product Architect

Learning PointsConfigure a custom Community Landing PageCustomize the Recent Blogs ControlSyndicate the Google Translate Widget across a MicrositeWhat is an API?Where can I find examples of APIs in use?What does the Higher Logic API do and how can I leverage it?What does the future look like for the Higher Logic API?

2What is this API thing I keep hearing about?API: Application Programming InterfaceAn API allows data and functionality to be shared between Software Applications to enhance one or both Applications.Multiple APIs can be utilized to create a Mashup Website.3API ExamplesTwitter (Web API)

Google Maps (Javascript API)


API Consumer ExamplesLikely your AMSMemberCentric!


Design Considerations behind the Higher Logic APISecurity and ContextWhat Data should be made available, and how should it be structured?Multiple Connection Options, with flexible data representationEase of documentation6AuthenticationToken-based Access lowers strain on system resources, and speeds data retrieval.Multiple Ways to Authenticate adds flexibility in how users can access the API.Unique Security Keys will enable developers to utilize the API as different users from within the same system.7What Data is AvailableEventsContact/Profile InformationAnnouncementsDiscussions / CommunitiesFriend RequestsMessagingBlogging8Options for API InteractionDirect Client-side AJAX callsJQuery, Javascript Our upcoming Widget-Builder!Server-side Web Request.Net, PHP, Ruby, Java...Mobile Apps objective c, Java, .Net...Flexible Data Formats - XML Data and JSON from the same Endpoint9JSON Data Returned10

XML Data Returned11