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Advanced Wikipedia Editing Workshop at METRO 11/21/13



2. Today 1 hr Templates, references and citations Tables, categories, other useful tools Break 1 hr Data Tools Break 1 hr Talk and communication with other editors Wikimedia Foundation and WikiProjects 3. Wikipedia is becoming increasingly:sophisticated user friendly data- oriented 4. Before we get started: Open a few Wikipedia article pages to use as references during our DEMOsEmphasison WikiProjects and navigation 5. References and Citations 6. First Off User Preferences Apperance, Gadgets, etc. Enable Twinkle Templates- article maintenance 7. Templates What is a template? Finding Templates in Directories, Categories, PortalsSources for Citation Templates WikiprojectBibliographies Wikiproject Fact and Reference Check Wikiproject References Wikiproject Unreferenced Biographies of Living Persons 8. Demos: Citation Templates {{cite book}} [[Dont just say it, prove it]] {{cite web}} {{cite journal}} {{cite news}} {{OCLC:5647325048}} Fill in as much as possible WikiprojectBibliographi es#Using citation templates 9. Other Languages in Wikipedia Differences in source citations across different language Wikipedias 10. Tables, Templates, Categories 11. Tables and Boxes When are tables are appropriate? Finding Table and box templates{| class="wikitable" |- ! Header text !! Header text !! Header text || Example || Example || Example || Example || Example || Example || Example || Example || Example |} 12. Hands on Table Editing [[Help:Table]] [[Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Tables]] 13. Lists Different Typesof Bullets
List Articles [[WikiProject:Lists]] [[Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lists]] 14. Columns Go to [[Template:Columns-list]] Option 1: {{columns-list|number of columns| *text *(usually a list) }} Option 2: {{columns-list|colwidth=width| *text *(usually a list) }} 15. Interwiki Links and Invisible Links HANDS-ON Sandbox Task:Make a link to the article for US History/Age of Invention and Gilded Age that is in Wikibooks 16. DEMO: Re-directs To create a basic redirect manually, set #REDIRECT[[target page name here]] as the only body text of the page. For instance, if you were redirecting from "UK" to UnitedKingdom, this would be the entire body of the UK page. #REDIRECT [[United Kingdom]] 17. Categorization Creating categories Adding pages to categories Creating subcategories [[WikiProject Categories]] [[Wikipedia:Categories for Discussion]] = deleting,merging, renaming categories 18. Infoboxes: Structured Data [[WikiProject: Infoboxes]] 19. Coordinates and Maps in Infoboxes Hands On: Add coordinates and location maps into Infoboxes 1. Search for map template 2. Map templates with coordinates will put bullet spots on maps when you enter in a locations coordinates [[Template:Location map]] EX: [[Template:Locationmap UnitedStatesManhattan]] [[Category:Location map templates]] [[WikiProject Maps]] 20. Hands On: Adding information to infoboxes Edit the Infoboxfor your institution or for the president or founder of your institution 21. Break 22. Data Tools 23. PERSONDATA A hidden template used to store biographical informationas metadata Wouldnt you know it theres a WikiProject: Persondata To view Persondata, you must tinker with youraccount settings 24. PERSONDATA CONTD: Go to [[Special:Mypage/skin.css]] (this will bring up thecustom CSS page for whichever skin you are using.) Copy-paste the following into your skin.css:table.persondata {display:table !important;}. If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or earlier, copy and paste this variation instead: table.persondata {display:block;}. Save the page and bypass your browser's cache. Thiscan be achieved in Internet Explorer by pressing Ctrl+F5. 25. Authority Control Automation- do I need to participate or will the bots do thework? 300,000 linkstoVIAFfromWikipedia. Talk of adding Authority Control into Infoboxes to make it more structured within WikiData [[WikiProject: Unique Identifiers]] DEMO {{Authority control| GND=118813250|LCCN=n/79/63767|VIAF=97113511}} 26. Brand New: RAMP Editor University of Miami Libraries, October, 2013 27. RAMP Editor DEMO 28. DBPedia Extracts structured information from Wikipedia Different utility packages offering different classes of extraction Modify the dump according to your needs languages etc.Applications: Faceted Wikipedia Search Geo-temporal article searches, visualizations Graph-based interfaces to explore 29. DBPedia Demo: Creating a Query 30. Wikimetrics Generate data on editing activities of groups cohorts Use for Edit-a-Thons, trainings, events to measure tangible results Available data: Edits made, articles added, bytes added Can run for desired time frame, long term, short term 31. WikimetricsDemo 32. Managing and adding interlanguage links into a central database(semiautomated) Migrating infobox information to interlanguage articles Possible incorporation of Authority Control, other UIDs 33. Break 34. Talk and Communication 35. Edit Wars vs. Discussion Not every edit revert is an edit-war Wikipedia is not about winning Improve rather than delete Take a long term view Three-revert rule (3RR) Next Steps: Dispute Resolution Requests Request for comment, special noticeboards, request third opinion, formal mediation, arbitration. 36. Talk, Article Improvement Writing within discourse communities. Check the relevant Wikiprojects for style guides.Drive-by-tagging Practices IE: Citation Needed {{fact}} WP:NPOV {{npov}} Clean-up tags {{stub}}HANDS-ON 37. Cite policy as much as possible: WP:BIO (Biography, Notability) WP:CORP (organizations and companies, Notability) WP:POV and WP:NPOV (Point of View, Neutral point of view) 38. Talk pages New sections Cascading text Signatures Move conversation if it would be more relevant on anotherpage Watch talk pages DEMO 39. Article Vandalism Patroll recent changes Check the edit history to make sure you're reverting to a"clean" version of the page. Check vandal users other edits 40. Deletion Process :AfD (Articles for Deletion) Variety of maintenance templates[[Category:Wikipedia maintenance templates]] Etiquette Afd Deletion discussions usually occur for 7 days until anaction is made based on consensus 41. Organized Efforts and Big Picture 42. What is a Wikiproject? Topic coordination, larger conversations about coverageof topics on Wikipedia Setting goals about improving article class, article review and assessment Gather advice about how to apply Wikipedia's policies, guidelines, and essays to their specific subject area Wikiprojects Vs. GLAM-Wiki 43. WikiProjectBannering DEMO: banneringrelated article talk pages {{WikiProject New York|class=|importance=}} Article Classes: FA, A, GA, B, C,Start, Stub, 44. Creating a WikiProject [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Directory]] Propose a Wikiproject through the WikiProject Council 45. Wikisource and WikiBooks Release documents/texts Wikisource- upload to Wikimedia Commons as PDF orSVG, then upload from Commons to Wikisource. DEMO Downsides:Wikisource does not accept annotations, translations. 46. Wikisource EX: HP Lovecraft 47. Wikipedia Illustrated Representations of Doppelganger in different language Wikipedia articles 48. Big Picture 49. Recent challenges GLAM-Wiki is still not incorporated into Wikimedia Foundation-lack of funding, but also problems with paid editing MIT study- there has been a recent drop in editors and retainment Widely dispersed learning resources for beginners Visual Editor Debate Articles are Western focused 50. Gender Gap in Wikipedia Emphasizing social impact of editing WikiProject Womens History WikiWomens Collaborative Wikipedia Teahouse FOSS Outreach Program for Women