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  • Cognos Report Studio Training

    Information Services and Applications (ISA)

    Dava Clark, Programmer AnalystPosted by August 4, 2017

    On August 2nd and 3rd, Donna Vanhooser, Son Nguyen, Richard Hoffman, and Dava Clark attended a

    PowerSchool Advanced Report Studio training course led by Capitalize Analytics. We learned advanced

    techniques to enhance our current reports and build better future reports. We are excited to bring back all we

    learned and implement our new knowledge base into more efficient reporting!

  • Business Services

    Neetha Chada

    Information Services and Applications (ISA)

    Neetha Chada, Senior Programmer AnalystPosted by August 4, 2017

    Working with Janett Tapia- Gonzalez to

    integrate an internal audit email into the

    disclosure submission and also on some

    changes to the program.

    Working with Mary Hestand, Coordinator for

    elementary counselors guidance

    and counseling on issues she had in modifying

    and updating the activity descriptions for the

    elementary counselor activities.

    Neetha Chada

    Neetha Chada Mary Hestand

  • Business Services

    Rich Crishock

    Information Services and Applications (ISA)

    Eric May, Assistant Director of Information Services and ApplicationsPosted by August 4, 2017

    Rich Crishock

    We had a great training class on how to use the tablets for “Paperless

    Attendance”. Curriculum and Staff Development they are so talented. They

    adapted to the new technology flawlessly! Rich Crishock began with a

    demonstration of the proper setup of the stand to insure that the tablet is stable.

    He walked everyone through the complete process, start to finish. Everyone was

    so excited about the new technology and the amount of time it will save them.

    Rich’s additional successes this week include:

    • Research SchoolNet/ iXplore withdrawal dates and permission override flags

    • Research / develop Android code for the campus login app

    • Modify / Test Hayes Tip Web changes to write teacher info to both teacher

    and staff extract files

  • Business Services

    Son Nguyen

    Information Services and Applications (ISA)

    Son Nguyen, Senior Programmer AnalystPosted by


    eFinance Supports • Reset Employees' Override Accesses for new fiscal year processes IXPlore (Todd

    S.). Load new Teachers Assignments and Codes for testing new fiscal year processes

    (Lisa N., Donna V.). Develop Opened POs against Encumbered Accounts for Financial

    Reports (Amy G., Annette P.). Troubleshoot the GT Employees Certificate Report

    processes (Sandra B.). EOM 7/31 Backup & Archival. Activate-Download-Install &

    Configure the Visual Studio VS2017 Enterprise IDE Integrated Development

    Environment. Attend Capitalize Analytics Business Intelligence (BI) Cognos Reporting


    Music School Private Lesson .NET & Progress Telerik Application

    Development Project • Review Telerik UI Architecture & Frameworks for Desktop, Web, Mobile App Dev

    • Review Logical Database Design & Create Database & Security Database Tables

    • Activated & Registered Developer Accounts with Progress. Downloaded all three

    development platforms products, documents, sample source codes

    • .Net and .Net Core Frameworks – Downloaded VS 2017 Enterprise 30-Days Trial to test

    the Installation, Configuration and the Development of the VS 2017 Enterprise IDE with

    Progress Telerik UIs Extensions

    • Prototyping the Application Framework … Let's the fun begin! ...

    CFISD IAS Application Development Platforms & Architecture • With Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise IDE, Progress/Telerik UI, IBM Cognos

    Business Intelligence Analytics and Reporting IDEs, IAS offers the Best-in-Class

    Application Development platforms & technologies that Architect and Built Commercial-

    Grade applications for all Platforms (Desktop, Web, and Mobile apps) and Devices – A

    Dream Development Environment & Technologies for all Developers

    Aug 4, 2017

    Son Nguyen

  • Dorothy Tong

    Business Services

    Dorothy Tong

    Information Services and Applications (ISA)

    Posted by August 4, 2017

    This week Dorothy very busy posting scores !

    • Posted SAT 06/20/2017 results. (260 records)

    • Posted SAT 06/30/2017 results. (1075 records)

    • Posted SAT 07/18/2017 results. (12 records)

    • Posted SAT 07/31/2017 results. (3 records)

    • Posted 2017 school year Advanced Placements exams (5969 records)

    • Posted June 2017 ACT test results (569 records)

    • Analyzed PSAT formats for PSAT10 and PSAT 8/9P Part of EOC substitute

    assessments starting in July 2017.

    • Analyzed new TREX STAAR Performance Level codes to print on in-house


    Eric May, Assistant Director of Information Services and Applications

    Dropout project

    • Completed the program that will allow admin to enter campus secretary


    • Revisions to Mass Emails to guardians with attached unexcused absence


    • Revisions to unexcused absence notices


    • AP posting instructions completed.

    • PSAT posting instructions in the works.

  • Summer School

    Information Services and Applications (ISA)

    Donna Van Hooser, Senior Programmer/AnalystPosted by August 4, 2017

    Donna Van Hooser pulled attendance information for English as a

    Second Language (ESL) and Bilingual Pre-K and Kindergarten

    summer school programs and for the Camp Summit extended

    summer program. This data was requested by Maria Trejo, Director

    Curriculum & Instruction For Special Populations.

    This data is also necessary for the extended year submission for


    Donna Van Hooser

  • ISA T4 Leadership Meeting

    Information Services and Applications (ISA)

    John Crumbley, Director of Information Services and ApplicationsPosted by

    The ISA Leadership Team held their T4 Leadership meeting this week on Thursday, August 3, 2017.

    The team continues to focus the ISA leadership improvement.

    You can view the agenda here.

    2018 Leadership Team

    August 3, 2017

  • ISA Business Services

    Wrap Up

    Information Services and Applications (ISA)

    Posted by August 4, 2017Eric May, Assistant Director of Information Services and Applications

    Eric May

    This week I have reflected on my team

    and how well they work together. I want

    to continue to grow as a leader and learn

    how to advance my team to excellence.

    The better we are as a team the better

    we are for Cy-Fair and the students.

    - Eric May

  • ISA Business Services

    Wrap Up

    Information Services and Applications (ISA)

    Posted by August 4, 2017Dava Clark, Programmer Analyst

    Dava Clark

    This week I got the opportunity to assist users with our

    wireless upgrades. I am amazed at the efficiency of the

    implementation of the new wireless network. I had no

    issues with any of my users and everything was well


    Our Operation Onboard team got the amazing

    opportunity to be published in an article on Laserfiche’s

    website. I am so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful

    team! It is incredible to see what we have accomplished

    for our district and how well it is being received.