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COMMENCEMENT information and rehearsal assistant vice president, Dr. Renee Simpson

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COMMENCEMENT information and rehearsal assistant vice president, Dr. Renee Simpson. Ceremony location and start time Line up and marching instructions Attire Placement and Pictures Name recognition. Overview of information session. Osceola Heritage Park, Silver Spurs Arena - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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COMMENCEMENT information and rehearsalassistant vice president, Dr. Renee Simpson

1Overview of information sessionCeremony location and start timeLine up and marching instructionsAttirePlacement and PicturesName recognition

2commencement place and timeOsceola Heritage Park, Silver Spurs ArenaReport to the North Lobby of the Silver Spurs Arena by 9:00 a.m. The ceremony begins promptly at 10:00 a.m.The ceremony will last approximately 2 hours

3parking You should have received your parking pass. If you have not, the parking pass can be printed from the graduation home page at valenciacollege.edu/graduation Make sure the permit is prominently displayed on your vehicles as well as on your guests dashboardYou will be directed to park in the areas specifically designated for graduates

4Appropriate attireBusiness - ChurchMenA collared shirt and dress pants (tie optional)Dress shoes (no sneakers or flip flops)WomenDress or blouse and slacks/skirtLow heeled or flat shoes are highly recommended If you choose to wear platform or stilettos, break them in before the ceremony

5Cap and gownYour cap and gown are made from an environmentally friendly fabric that will decompose in soil in one year.Arrive with your cap and gown on or ready to be put on.Tassel is worn on the right side until the degree is conferred. Its your day style is up to you.

6Achievement and RecognitionBlue cards - cumulative GPA of 3.75You may wear a Red stole in recognition of your academic achievement. Green cards -Bachelor StudentsBachelor Program Participants Gold StoleHonors Program Participants Royal BlueClubs and Organization Stoles and Cords vary in Color Stole of Appreciation Black with Valencia Logo.

7Line up Line-up will begin at 9:00 a.m. Once in line dont allow anyone to break the line.

Bachelor Graduates will march in first

Processional will start at 10:00 a.m.

Valencia Student Development Coordinators will serve as your Marshals

You will be directed when to march and where to be seated for the ceremony

8Items to bring to the ceremonyThe only items you should have with you are a photo ID that you can properly secure on your person andyour name card.There are no dressing roomsThere is no area to store personal itemsIt is important that you are dressed in your cap and gown when you report to the North Lobby.A plan to meet your guests in a designated space outside the arena

9ProcessionalThe Processional:Platform PartyFacultyGraduates

10Entering the ArenaYou will enter from the West Side of the Arena.Youll be divided into four lines on the red carpetStay on the red carpet!Student Marshals will guide you down the aisle and into your seating row. Enter the row, go to the next available seat and be seated immediately. Do not leave any vacant seats!

11The Commencement ceremony

12Grad images photographerGrad Images is the name of the Photographer that will take your picture with President Shugart

Guests will not be permitted on the Arena floor

Guests may take photographs of the graduates only from their seats

13Additional pictures Photographers proofs will be sent to email address on you indicate on your card within 72 hours of the ceremonyYou may order pictures through Grad ImagesThere is no video of the ceremony. The ceremony is being streamed live: http://valenciacollege.edu/graduation/live.cfm

14How to be a Picture-Perfect Graduate!Keep your tassel out of your face

Pause and smile with the President

Allow the president to position you

Accept your diploma in your left hand and remember to shake with your right hand.


All guests older than 9 months of age are required to have a ticket to enter the Arena

Each graduate will receive four (4) tickets

Remember Live webcast URLhttp://valenciacollege.edu/graduation/live.cfm

16important day for many peopleThe ceremony marks a significant achievement for all of you; in light of that we ask you to remind your guests to dress appropriately and to honor all graduates by remaining quiet throughout the ceremony so that everyone can hear the program participants.

17Pledge of allegiance You will be directed to stand for The Pledge of Allegiance.

Men should remove their caps for the Pledge of Allegiance and keep them off until asked to stand in preparation for the conferring of the degreesWomen should keep their caps on at all times

18The ceremonyThe President will greet you and your guestsThere will be recognition of the faculty and staff followed by the commencement address Your distinguished graduate speechPresident Shugart will ask you to stand and the BOT chairperson will confer the degrees. Marshals will direct you when to stand to move to the staging area.

Pay attention to what is being saidthis is YOUR big moment!

19marshalThe Marshal will walk row by row and give a signal to move toward the platform area Students enter the right side of the stage and exit the left side of the stageAs you move to the platform area, be prepared to hand your name card to the reader As your name is read you will be greeted by the platform party usually consisting of the chairperson of the Board of Trustees, the Chief Learning Office, and President. They will give you a congratulatory handshake and hand you your diploma cover.

20Hand shake / receipt of diplomaAccept the diploma cover in your left hand and shake with your right hand.President Shugart will be at the end of the stage. He will shake your hand (left over right).

Remember to take a moment to allow the photographer to take your picture as President Shugart shakes your hand; he will help pose the picture. Pause and look at the camera.

21Returning to your seatOnce you receive your diploma cover move off the stage to the photographers area on the Arena floor. After your second picture you will need to follow the directions of the floor marshals to your row and be seated. Do not wait on others in your row before being seated.

22The Recessional:Audience will be asked to remain seated

The Platform Party

The Faculty

The Graduates

23Exit the building Be sure to move completely off the Arena floor and proceed out of the building

Guests to remain in their seats or respective areas until all of the graduates have marched out of the building

24Project Graduation: Leaving a Legacy Class of 2013Student Development, the Alumni Association, and the Valencia Foundation

Challenge raise money for scholarships

Graduates donate in honor of their graduating year,

You will receive a limited edition lapel pin.

Bonus: If the graduation class meets its goal, the Alumni Association will try and add to the contributions.

Donations http://valenciacollege.edu/alumni/classgift/

25IMPORTANT REMINDERSDress for the ceremony and the weatherArrive at the Silver Spurs Arena by 9:00 a.m.Your guests must each have a ticketStay on the red carpetPay close attention to the MarshalsGive your name card to the readerRemember the delay

26IMPORTANT REMINDERSShake with your right hand and accept your diploma cover with your left handBe respectful of your fellow graduates and ask your guests to do the sameEnjoy your dayyou are celebrating a great accomplishment!

27IMPORTANT REMINDERSCLASS LEGACY PROJECT:http://valenciacollege.edu/alumni/classgift/

LIVE WEB CAST URL: http://valenciacollege.edu/graduation/live.cfm


Share Your Graduation Experiences via Twitter#valenciacollege201329See you Saturday May 4th at Commencement!