Compact Flash Memory Compatibility List

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  • 1.Compact Flash Memory Compatibility List 3C CommunicationsOther Device Name Product Type Pay Phone SystemCompactFlash 3ComOther Device Name Product Type Audrey Internet Appliance CompactFlash AdvantechHandheld PCs Device Name Product Type CPC-2245CompactFlashOther Device Name Product Type PCM-5820 Embedded PCCompactFlash AgfaDigital Cameras Device Name Product Type ePhotoCompactFlash ePhoto CL20 CompactFlash ePhoto CL30 CompactFlash ePhoto CL34 CompactFlash AkicaOther Device Name Product Type VCP300 Photo PrinterCompactFlash AmediaHandheld PCs Device Name Product Type Pocket Pro 204CompactFlash Pocket Pro 206CompactFlash

2. AOLDigital Cameras Device NameProduct Type PhotoCam CompactFlash ArgusDigital Cameras Device NameProduct Type 2700 CompactFlash DC3810 CompactFlash BCOMHandheld PCs Device NameProduct Type Handheld PCCompactFlash BenQDigital Cameras Device NameProduct Type DC 3310CompactFlash DC 4500CompactFlash DC2110 CompactFlash BraemerOther Device NameProduct Type Heart MonitorCompactFlash BurdickOther Device NameProduct Type Heart MonitorCompactFlash CanonDigital Cameras Device NameProduct Type 10D KITCompactFlash 300D CompactFlash D60 Digital SLR Camera CompactFlash Digital ELPH S100CompactFlash Digital ELPH S400CompactFlash Digital Ixsus 330CompactFlash 3. Digital Ixsus 330CompactFlash Digital Ixsus 400CompactFlash Digital Ixsus V3 CompactFlash Digital IXUS 300 CompactFlash Digital IXUS v CompactFlash EOS 10DCompactFlash EOS 1104 CompactFlash EOS 1D CompactFlash EOS 1DsCompactFlash EOS 300D Digital Rebel CompactFlash EOS D200 CompactFlash EOS D30CompactFlash EOS D60CompactFlash EOS Digital RebelCompactFlash EOS Elan 7ECompactFlash IxsusCompactFlash Micro Bubble Jet CompactFlash PowerShot 350CompactFlash PowerShot 600CompactFlash PowerShot A10CompactFlash PowerShot A100 CompactFlash PowerShot A20CompactFlash PowerShot A200 CompactFlash PowerShot A300 CompactFlash PowerShot A40CompactFlash PowerShot A5 CompactFlash PowerShot A5 ZoomCompactFlash PowerShot A50CompactFlash PowerShot A60CompactFlash PowerShot A70CompactFlash PowerShot A80CompactFlash PowerShot G1 CompactFlash PowerShot G2 CompactFlash PowerShot G3 CompactFlash PowerShot G5 CompactFlash PowerShot GS CompactFlash PowerShot Pro 70 CompactFlash PowerShot Pro 90 CompactFlash PowerShot S10CompactFlash PowerShot S100/110 CompactFlash PowerShot S20CompactFlash PowerShot S200 CompactFlash PowerShot S230 CompactFlash PowerShot S30CompactFlash PowerShot S300 CompactFlash PowerShot S330 CompactFlash PowerShot S40CompactFlash PowerShot S400 CompactFlash PowerShot S45CompactFlash PowerShot S50CompactFlash Pro 70 CompactFlash Pro 90 ISCompactFlashHandheld PCs Device NameProduct Type 4. EX-100PCompactFlashOther Device NameProduct Type CD-200 Photo Printer CompactFlash CD-300 CompactFlash CasioDigital Cameras Device NameProduct Type Eye-Q4330z CompactFlash Eye-Q5330z CompactFlash QV-2000UXCompactFlash QV-2000UX/Ir CompactFlash QV-2300UXCompactFlash QV-2400UXCompactFlash QV-2800UXCompactFlash QV-2900UXCompactFlash QV-3000EXCompactFlash QV-3500EXCompactFlash QV-3EX CompactFlash QV-4000CompactFlash QV-5500SXCompactFlash QV-5700CompactFlash QV-700 CompactFlash QV-770 CompactFlash QV-780 CompactFlash QV-8000SXCompactFlashHandheld PCs Device NameProduct Type Cassiopeia A-20CompactFlash Cassiopeia E-10CompactFlash Cassiopeia E-100 CompactFlash Cassiopeia E-105 CompactFlash Cassiopeia E-11CompactFlash Cassiopeia E-115 CompactFlash Cassiopeia E-500 CompactFlash Cassiopeia PA-2400 CompactFlash ClarionOther Device NameProduct Type Auto PCCompactFlash CompaqHandheld PCs Device NameProduct Type 5. Aero 1500 CompactFlash Aero 1520 CompactFlash Aero 1550 CompactFlash Aero 2100 CompactFlash Aero 8000 CompactFlash Aero H-3600 CompactFlash iPAQ H-3650 CompactFlashOther Device Name Product Type iPAC IA-1 Home Internet Appliance CompactFlash ContaxDigital Cameras Device Name Product Type N Digital CompactFlash DatrixOther Device Name Product Type CR-512 Holter RecorderCompactFlash DictaphoneOther Device Name Product Type Walkabout Tour Audio Recorder CompactFlash Digi-FrameOther Device Name Product Type DF-560CompactFlash Digital-3Digital Audio Players Device Name Product Type Mlink MP3 PlayerCompactFlash DPIOther Device Name Product Type Digital Photo Kiosk CompactFlash e.Digital 6. e.DigitalDigital Audio Players Device NameProduct Type Multi-Codec MP3CompactFlash eKioskOther Device NameProduct Type Series of Photo Kiosks CompactFlash EpsonDigital Cameras Device NameProduct Type Colorio CP-500 CompactFlash Colorio CP-600 CompactFlash Colorio CP-700zCompactFlash Colorio CP-800 CompactFlash Colorio CP-900 CompactFlash PhotoPC 3000ZCompactFlash PhotoPC 3100ZCompactFlash PhotoPC 600CompactFlash PhotoPC 650CompactFlash PhotoPC 700z CompactFlash PhotoPC 750z CompactFlash PhotoPC 800CompactFlash PhotoPC 850Z CompactFlash QV-7000SXCompactFlashOther Device NameProduct Type SCE8700Cox/SH-Card PCCompactFlash SH-Card for Windows CE CompactFlash EricssonHandheld PCs Device NameProduct Type MC12 CompactFlash MC218CompactFlash EverexHandheld PCs Device NameProduct Type Freestyle AssociateCompactFlash Freestyle ExecutiveCompactFlash Freestyle ManagerCompactFlash 7. FujiDigital Cameras Device Name Product Type DX-10 CompactFlash DX-5CompactFlash DX-7CompactFlash DX-8CompactFlash DX-9CompactFlash FujitsuHandheld PCs Device Name Product Type IntertopCompactFlash TeamPad 7600CompactFlash GokoDigital Cameras Device Name Product Type MacromaX DMC-1CompactFlash Granite CommunicationsOther Device Name Product Type NOVAS Industrial Handheld PCs CompactFlash Hewlett-PackardDigital Cameras Device Name Product Type PhotoSmart C20CompactFlash PhotoSmart C200 CompactFlash PhotoSmart C215 CompactFlash PhotoSmart C30CompactFlash PhotoSmart C315 CompactFlash PhotoSmart C500 CompactFlash PhotoSmart C618 CompactFlash PhotoSmart C912 CompactFlashHandheld PCs Device Name Product Type 320LX CompactFlash 360LX CompactFlash 620LX CompactFlash 660LX CompactFlash iPaq H3630CompactFlash 8. iPaq H3635CompactFlash iPaq H3670CompactFlash iPaq H3765CompactFlash Jornada 420 CompactFlash Jornada 430 CompactFlash Jornada 525 CompactFlash Jornada 540 CompactFlash Jornada 547 CompactFlash Jornada 548 CompactFlash Jornada 568 CompactFlash Jornada 680 CompactFlash Jornada 690 CompactFlash Jornada 728 CompactFlash Jornada 820 CompactFlashOther Device Name Product Type PhotoSmart1215 Photo PrinterCompactFlash PhotoSmart1218/xi Photo Printer CompactFlash PhotoSmartP1000 Photo Printer CompactFlash PhotoSmartP1100 Photo Printer CompactFlash HitachiDigital Cameras Device Name Product Type target=_new>iNC100CompactFlashHandheld PCs Device Name Product Type HPW-200EC CompactFlash HPW-20E8M CompactFlash HPW-600ET/600ETMCompactFlash HPW-600JC CompactFlash HPW-600JCMCompactFlash HTCHandheld PCs Device Name Product Type KangarooCompactFlash HuskyHandheld PCs Device Name Product Type Fed21 CompactFlash FS/3CompactFlash MP2500CompactFlash I-Jam 9. I-JamDigital Audio Players Device NameProduct Type IJ-200 CompactFlash IJ-50CompactFlash i2GoDigital Audio Players Device NameProduct Type eGoCompactFlash IBMHandheld PCs Device NameProduct Type WorkPad z50CompactFlashOther Device NameProduct Type NetVista N2200 CompactFlash NetVista N2800 CompactFlash ThinkPad X20 Laptop Computer CompactFlash IntermecHandheld PCs Device NameProduct Type 5020 CompactFlash 6980 CompactFlash 6985 CompactFlash InvisoOther Device NameProduct Type eCase Micro-DisplayCompactFlash IomegaOther Device NameProduct Type Photoshow Digital Image Center CompactFlash iPlayDigital Audio Players Device NameProduct Type 10. MP3 CompactFlash ItronixHandheld PCs Device Name Product Type T5200 CompactFlash JenoptikDigital Cameras Device Name Product Type JD 850-Z2 CompactFlash JVCDigital Cameras Device Name Product Type GC-S1UCompactFlashOther Device Name Product Type Guideman Audio Player CompactFlash MP3 Voice Guidance Player CompactFlash KenwoodOther Device Name Product Type DVZ-2000CompactFlash DVZ-2000TVP CompactFlash DVZ-907TV CompactFlash KeyenceHandheld PCs Device Name Product Type XL-200 LEO FreestyleCompactFlash KinonDigital Cameras Device Name Product Type DSC-1100CompactFlash KodakDigital Cameras Device Name Product Type 11. Device NameProduct Type 240i CompactFlash DC 240iCompactFlash DC120CompactFlash DC200CompactFlash DC200 Plus CompactFlash DC210 Plus CompactFlash DC215CompactFlash DC220CompactFlash DC220 ProCompactFlash DC240CompactFlash DC240 Zoom CompactFlash DC25 CompactFlash DC260CompactFlash DC260 ProCompactFlash DC265CompactFlash DC280CompactFlash DC280 Zoom CompactFlash DC290CompactFlash DC290 Zoom CompactFlash DC3200 CompactFlash DC3400 CompactFlash DC3800 CompactFlash DC4800 CompactFlash DC4800 ZoomCompactFlash DC5000 CompactFlash DC80 CompactFlash DCS Pro Back 645 CompactFlash DCS Pro Back PlusCompactFlash DCS-Pro 14NCompactFlash DX3500 CompactFlash DX3600 CompactFlash EasyShare DX-3500CompactFlash EasyShare DX-3600CompactFlash EasyShare DX-3900CompactFlash EasyShare DX-4900CompactFlash mc3CompactFlashOther Device NameProduct Type Personal Picture Maker PM100 CompactFlash KonicaDigital Cameras Device NameProduct Type DG-1 CompactFlash KD-3000CompactFlash Q-M100 CompactFlash Q-M100VCompactFlash Q-M200 CompactFlash Q-Mini CompactFlashOther 12. Other Device Name Product Type QD-21 Digital Mini LabCompactFlash KyoceraDigital Cameras Device Name Product Type 2100DGCompactFlash Finecam 3300CompactFlash Mita EZ CompactFlash VPC-AZ1 CompactFlash LanierOther Device Name Product Type Cquence Mobile Recorder CompactFlash LarganDigital Cameras Device Name Product Type Easy 800CompactFlash LEOSyncHandheld PCs Device Name Product Type eColorCompactFlash LexmarkOther Device Name Product Type Photo Jetprinter 5770 CompactFlash LG ElectronicsHandheld PCs Device Name Product Type PhenomCompactFlash Phenom UltraCompactFlash Pocket Phenom CompactFlash Rx Phenom CompactFlash Rx Phenom Express CompactFlash Rx Phenom Ultra CompactFlash Lucent


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