Computed Tomography

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Computed Tomography. DANGER DETECTOR production. Typical CT scanner. So how old is the CT scanner?. 2 nd generation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography

Computed TomographyDANGER DETECTOR production

Typical CT scanner

So how old is the CT scanner? generation generation generation X-RaysF1

Tomographic ReconstructionProjection at each is made up of line integralsEach line integral represents total X-ray attenuationWe can relate the attenuation to the original imageInfinite 1D projections at infinite angles perfect reconstructionProjection-Slice Theorem

Filtered Back ProjectionOnly have finite number of projectionsApproximate the original by back projectingRun ray sums back through to simulate originalKrithika forbade me from discussing this furtherUses of CT scannersNon-invasive medical imagingExamine examine chest, abdomen, and pelvis areas by imaging blood, bone, and soft tissueradiation exposure of 2 10 mSv = 3 years of background radiation Why do we care?CT scanners are used to detect explosives in checked baggageCan create detailed, cross-sectional slices of the baggageThe slices are the input to our programPan Am Bomb Slice