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  • 8/8/2019 Connection Magazine, July


    gods plan for promotion | training tomorrows leadersdo foundations matter? | dna of a leader | what it means to be a connection partner

    The fuTure of our naTion depends

    on preparing godly leaders Today.






    o nt u g?

  • 8/8/2019 Connection Magazine, July



    Who WIll lead us?Voters head to the polls this all to pick Americasnext leader. Whats really at stake? And how will this

    one decision impact or nation and yor amily?

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    08 sTaTe of our naTionNow is the time to fght or Americas tre.Find ot what yo can do to ensre reedom

    and aith into the next generation.

    10 MaKingThe ConneCTionDiscover the lie-changing impact o a

    covenant with God and a connection with

    Gods people.

    12 do foundaTionsMaTTer?In 1774, a grop o visionaries frst met to

    declare reedom or a new nation o people.

    Bt who were Americas onding athers?

    And what were their tre intentions?

    14 d.n.a. of a leader

    Yo were born with a divine prpose and

    plan. Learn how God is moving yo toward

    yor destiny.

    P.O. Box 315

    Gainesville, GA 30503





  • 8/8/2019 Connection Magazine, July


    who will


    us?americas 2008 decision will impact GenerationsWe are at the point o a major transition in this nation. Not only will the new

    president aect todays economy and oreign policy, bt the decisions made by or

    next leader will impact generations.

    One o the critical roles o the incoming president will be to make appointments

    to the Spreme Cort. We have the potential o reversing Roe vs. Wade and the

    crelty o abortion i or next president will appoint jstices who will ight or lie.

    Ater all o these years o trying to make that change, believing and praying that the

    slaghter o the innocent wold stop, it is within or grasp!

    The next leader o or nation will also impact or amilies. We mst elect

    someone who will stand p against the homosexal agenda and acceptance o gay

    marriage. Some potential leaders have already made it clear that they approve o

    legislation to redeine marriage to inclde same-sex nion.

    Lap a pa a a

    a . A a a pal l,

    pa a G. Jentezen FrAnkLin


  • 8/8/2019 Connection Magazine, July


    Today, g

    gg g k k.

    This election is critical. Im not talking

    about voting for a party, but for a candidate

    whose convictions line up most with the Word

    of God.A candidate who will ight or the core

    isses o lie and amily.

    We dont want someone who jst ollows the

    wind o poplar cltre, bt someone who will

    hold to the great ondations o this nation. What

    does the Bible say abot the choices they make

    and the vales they hold to? We need to cry ot

    or God to give s a righteos leader! I know He

    is able to do that i we pray and believe together.

    Yo have a responsibility to vote or the candidate

    who most relects Godly character.

    In the book o 1 Kings, the people o Israel

    also aced a leadership problem. David was on

    his deathbed; generation had passed away and

    there were no Godly leaders giding the people.

    Then Adonijah the son o Haggith exalted

    himsel, saying, I will be king (1 Kings 1:5, NKJV).

    Bt according to Scriptre, the kingdom had

    already been promised to Solomon. Adonijah,

    who was Davids orth son, attempted to bypass

    the Lords will and Davids choice by sacriic-

    ing and celebrating. He even got a priest and a

    general on his side. Bt Bathsheba, Solomons

    mother, went in to tell King David abot it.

    Then she said to him, My lord, yo swore by

    the Lord yor God to yor maidservant, saying,

    Assredly Solomon yor son shall reign ater me,

    and he shall sit on my throne (1 Kings 1:17, NKJV).

    So David stopped Adonijahs plans by naming

    Solomon king.

    Consider Psalm 75:6 -7, For exaltation comes

    neither rom the east Nor the west nor rom the

    soth. Bt God is the Jdge: He pts down one,

    And exalts another (NKJV).

    There are lessons o leadership ond in

    these passages that can apply to s today. Im

    not jst talking abot the presidential race; Im

    talking abot the inlence o yor personal lie

    in the lives o those arond yo. Godly leadership

    is critical in every area o or lives . . . and or

    or tre.

    A new GenerAtion is reAdy to Go Theres always a new generation thatscoming p . . . that God is raising p . . . that is

    emerging to take the place o pre-eminence.

    Every generation has a dierent look and

    sond. Every generation has a belie system.

    Most importantly, every generation has a

    divine destiny.

    Today, a new generation is emerging and

    shaping what the tre will look like. I believe

    right now the next generation o Gods people

    are already in place. Samel was already in the

    temple. David was already in Sals hose.

    David said, One generation shall praise Yor

    works to another, And shall declare Yor mighty

    acts (Psalm 145:4, NKJV). Every generation has a

    race to rn. Then, theyll hand the baton o praise,

    worship and prpose on to the next generation.

    When one generation is coming to an end, a

    new generation goes throgh a time o strggle

    to take its place. That is the strggle Gods people

    aced in the early chapters o 1 Kings.

    Promotion comes From the Lord Heres the key to inding and knowingGods promotion: Promotion comes w hen yore

    doing what yore spposed to do! Remember

    that Elisha was plowing in a ield when his

    promotion came . . . David was watching sheep

    when his promotion came . . . Moses was watching

    his ather-in-laws lock when his promotion came

    . . . Samel was serving in Elis hose when

    his promotion came.

    Were not supposed to be promo-

    tion seekers. Were supposed to be God

    seekers. Ot o or relationship with God

    comes promotion. I yo hmble yorsel beore

    the mighty hand o God, He will promote yo in

    de season. There is no need to brag on yorsel.

    God resists the prod!

    The enemy may try to intimidate yo and

    psh a sbstitte into seizing the throne o yor

    destiny. Yo may almost lose heart. Bt hold onto

    the promise God has given yo. God makes the

    choice, not men.

    Nebchadnezzar pt it this way, That the

    Most High rles in the kingdom o men, Gives it

    to whomever He will, And sets over it the lowest o

    men (Daniel 4:17, NKJV).

    the enemies oF Gods PLAn David nderstood that i Solomons thronewas going to be established, Solomons enemies

    had to be destroyed. Today, are we making it

    harder or the next generation by not dealing with

    or spirital enemies? What abot generational

    crses o addiction, adltery, immorality and

    inancial ignorance?

    We are commanded to pass on a spirital

    inheritance to or children. We dont want to pass

    on the crses, bt the blessings! To do that, we

    mst take on the enemy who is trying to destroy

    that inheritance and deeat him.

    Our forefathers passed on the blessings

    of freedom, faith and liberty as an inheritance

    for America . . . and so must we.

    No matter how the election goes this all, we know

    that Gods Word will not retrn void. I want to

    challenge yo today to stand with me on

    that Word throgh prayer and asting or or

    nation. Pray that God will move pon the leader-

    ship o this nation, preserve or amilies and or

    reedom, and eqip the next generation to rn

    their race with victory.


  • 8/8/2019 Connection Magazine, July


    or deending his rights as a parent to protect

    his kindergartener rom being taght abot

    homosexal relationships in pblic school.

    Abraham Lincoln is reported to have

    said, The philosophy o the classroom in one

    generation is the philosophy o government in

    the next.

    Barna writes in his book, Revolutionary

    Parenting: The acts have been indisptablyclear: in assessing the impact o chrches,