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Consulting Services - HCL Technologies Consulting Services HCL uses its proprietary Enterprise Discovery

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  • Consulting Services

    HCL uses its proprietary Enterprise Discovery Framework along with eXact Methodology (eXplore, Analyze, Craft and Transform) during the impact analysis to analyze the AS-IS view of business-application-technology-data of the entire enterprise and define TO-BE landscape.

    HCL Technology consulting framework along with the implementation expertise provides end-to-end solution for all your B2B electronic data interchange needs.

    HCL framework provides an integrated view of the HIPAA 5010 impact on the complete enterprise. The impact analysis tool follows a risk based approach and provides an end-to-end mapping of healthcare business processes with IT applications. HCL can help you blue print the complete roadmap from assessment to remediation and support.

  • Hello, I’m from HCL!. We work behind the scenes, helping our customers to shift paradigms & start revolutions. We use digital engineering to build super human capabilities. We make sure that the rate of progress far exceeds the price. And right now, 60,000 of us bright sparks are busy developing solutions for 500 customers in 26 countries across the world.

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    There is something UNIQUE about HCL!

    ARC View about HCL’s Transition Methodology 26 Mar 2009

    ASSeT™ is HCL’s patented, integrated end-to-end transition framework, which spans the entire transition lifecycle, from the initial consultation to transformational value add.

    ARC Viewon HCL’s IOMC HCL' s Innovative Deal with Autodesk Jan 2006, Reference code: 34806

    IDC declared the deal as milestone in US IT outsourcing & application outsourcing markets “It is one of the first engagements in which an offshore vendor is responsible for infrastructure and application operations for a U.S. customer.”

    On Full Service Co-Sourcing / Outsourcing 5 May 2009, ID Number: G00166530

    Teradyne CIO… Selecting HCL for a Full-Service Outsourcing Model…influencing elements were: Varied provider options, Price competitiveness, Multi-geography delivery options, Transparency, Strong legal framework, Provider passion to win the business

    On HCL’s IT Infrastructure Excellence 6 Apr 09

    HCL has been rated as a leader in the Global IT Infrastructure Outsourcing “ HCL Technologies has excellent forward-looking strategies and a strong delivery capability for the infrastructure business.”

    Havard business school makes HCL a part of their curriculum through a case study on 'Employee First’

    The Employee is always right at India's HCL Technologies. Workers get to grade the boss, and everybody can see the ratings.

    IBM and the other multinationals are becoming increasingly nervous about the fifth-biggest Indian service provider, HCL Technologies.

    HCL Technologies is the world's most modern management

    Most influential Five companies to watch, Facebook, HCL Technologies, Craigs list, SKS Microfinance, LI & Fung

    FT ArcelorMittal Boldness in Business Award ‘2009’

    To the outside world, HCL is just another big Indian IT company and its process look remarkably similar to everyone else but scratch the surface and you see the beginning of a new

    HCL’s Employee First and ‘democratization’ of management concept could ‘bring about a corporate renaissance’.

    HCL Technologies is the Best Employer In Asia and the Best Employer in India as per the Hewitt study 2009 on best employers

    HCL Technologies was amongst the two examples of companies with Authentic Leadership which was presented at the WEF discussion in 2008

    HCL is among the top 5 companies in Transparent Accounting Metrics

    HCL Healthcare Practice

    HCL's Healthcare practice addresses the Healthcare industry for both Providers and Payers. HCL team of domain and technology specialists help customers lower their operational costs, improve Patient care standards through reduction in medical errors, ensure compliance with regulatory standards and laws, and achieve higher growth in revenue and ROI.

    On the Provider side HCL delivers solutions to Hospitals, IDNs and other clinical delivery organizations like Diagnostic Companies. In the Payer segment HCL serves Managed Care Organizations, Health Management Organizations & National Insurers. The Solutions are delivered through an integrated service offering comprising Applications, BPO & Infrastructure services, backed up by focused domain solutions & IPs.