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  • Creating an Interactive Game in Microsoft Excel

    In the activity you will create and interactive game for elementary kids. There will be 9 questions and if the student answers them correctly it will reveal a picture underneath.

    1. Go back to the main Excel Page; download the image you see below and save it to your Pictures Folder.

    2. Open Microsoft Excel 2010: Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Excel 2010.

    3. Before you do anything save your document. File > Save As > (Documents Folder) Your Name and Jigsaw Puzzle.

    4. Insert a Background: Page Layout > Page Setup Section > Background. A dialog box will open to your Pictures Folder. You should have saved the image into this folder. Find the image and click insert.

  • 5. The image will come in tiled, repeating itself in the background over and over like you see below. Don't worry about it right now, when you are done only one picture will show.

    Change Column Width and Height: We need set up the worksheet so that the picture is divided into a 4x4 grid. All the cells should be the same size.

    6. Select cells A1-D4

    7. On the Home Tab> Cells Section> Format >Row Height > 50. Go back to Format>Column Width> 13.

  • 8. Select cell E1 and E2 and follow the same steps as above to set the Cell Width to 70.


    9. Place a thick black border and All Borders around the 4x4 grid (A1-D4).For cells E1-E2 highlight and add a thick black border.

    Select the cells> on the Home Tab> Font Section > Borders

    10. Now select cells A5-D13 and add All Borders

  • Add Fill to the Worksheet:

    11. Select the entire worksheet by clicking in the top left hand corner of the worksheet as shown below.

    The entire worksheet will turn blue to activate it. Now fill the worksheet with a fill color. (Yes the color choice is up to you!)

    Home Tab >Font Section> click on the little arrow in the corner> Fill> pick a color and Ok.

  • Adding Text to Your Worksheet:

    12. Click in cell E1 and type in: "Test your knowledge of multiplication tables 8 & 9. Type in your answers to"

    Select the Enter Key

    Continue typing "the corresponding cells to reveal a secret picture."

    13. Format your cells left aligned and vertically centered.

  • 14. Next you will enter your clues which will be Center Aligned.

    The Headers Cell and Problem should be Bold formatting. The clues are listed; use the data below to fill in the rest of the clue cells.

    Add Conditional Formatting to the Picture Squares:

    15. Click in Cell A1 and with the Home tab selected click Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cell Rules > Equal To:

    At the Equal to dialog box type in the correct answer for cell A1 then Click Custom Format:

  • At the Format Cells dialog box select the Fill tab > No Color. Click OK to apply the conditional formatting to the cell A1.

    Continue adding conditional formatting to the remainder of the picture cells.

    Lock the Worksheet and Unlock Cells:

    By default all cells are locked so you need to select the cells that contain your picture and unlock them by clicking the Locked box to unlock it.

    16. Select the picture cells and with the Home tab selected select the arrow at the bottom corner of the font section then click on the Protection tab on the Format Cells dialog box. Click in the Locked section to remove the check. Click OK to apply this formatting.

  • Protecting Your Worksheet:

    17. Once you have unlocked the picture cells you will need to protect the worksheet so no one can edit any of the data you have entered. Review Tab > Protect Sheet. At the protect sheet dialog box you only want Select unblock cells box to be checked.

    Check your worksheet by playing the game. You should only be able to click in the picture cells. Once you are satisfied with the results save your file to your class folder

    in Linkstation.