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Work done by Oprah Winfrey as entrepreneur!


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May 25,2011 The Oprah Winfrey show25 years , more than 4500 episodes, more than 30000 guestsTourist attraction in ChicagoOWN Oprah Winfrey NetworkMagazine named O and a book clubintroduction

Born on 29 January, 1954Initial years of lifeHer father Vernon WinfreyTennessee state university 1971Work as reporter and news anchor1977 Baltimore Morning show AM ChicagoThe show renamed The Oprah Winfrey ShowEarly life

Shows on personal experiencesFrom a celebrity to an entreprenuerHarpo -1986 (Oprah spelled backward)Corporate foundation of companyHer criteria for people TRUSTProduced moviesO The Oprah Magazine

OPRAH.COMThree million users per month generating 45 million page viewsHome ofLive Your Best Life, a multimedia section featuring Oprah's life lessons

PRIVATE LIFEHarpo employees are barred from talking or writing about her personal or business affairs

PHILANTROPHY1987 The Oprah Winfrey Foundation1997 Oprah's Angel Network

WEBSITE: top women lifestyle website; home for oprah book club!PRIVATE: publishing houses scared to publish books based on her!1987- to support the education and empowerment of women, children and families in the United States and around the world.1997 - to inspire people to make a difference in the lives of others. So far the group has raised $27 million almost entirely from audience donations.5

CREATING VISION FOR LIFELife is bigger and greater than what we seePower greater than yourself GODHold highest, greatest & grandest vision for yourself

HIRING & RUNNING A BUSINESSTrustChallenge what you cant doPeople smarter than herTake full responsibility of your business

COMPANYS MISSIONTransform the way people see themselves, to uplift, to enlighten, to encourage, to entertain

FAILINGSLearn from every mistakePay attention on lifes whisperBUSINESS LESSONS FROM WINFREY

BUSINESS LESSONS FROM WINFREYMANAGING INTUITIONSTrust your instinctsBelief in GodListen to every idea, proposal, advice

MOTIVATIONInner voiceTheres more to achieve than just money

DOING THINGS RIGHTFeeling are our GPS systemCheck your ego at the door and follow your gut!Never go ahead when in doubtConceptual AgeEasier to succeed when youre doing something you love

The big secret in life is that theres no big secret. Whatever your aim, you will get there if youre willing to work. Oprah

The queen of talk didn't let sexual abuse, poverty or racism hold her back. She's a media mogul with a soft spot for people and a penchant for following her instincts!7