Death's Revenge

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This is my short story

Text of Death's Revenge

  • Deaths Revenge

    By: William Bognier

  • It was a cold dark night at JFK airport. I was waiting for my flight to Tokyo when I saw a woman reading a magazine. The front cover had a picture of a man that had survived a deadly car accident. His face looked disgusting so I turned around and I saw him sitting on a chair. He looked totally different because he got his face reconstructed, he also was on the same flight as me and I knew that he cheated death. I sat down and had a flash back to when the check-in put the baggage tag on my luggage. It said final destination. Next it said Pacific Ocean so my intuition was correct.

  • My friends forced me to get on the plane but I didnt want to, so then they carried me to my seat on the plane. When I got in to the plane, I had a quick nap and I dreamt of the plane taking off and exploding into a million pieces. Then I woke up and I screamed out loud and said THIS PLANE IS GOING TO EXPLODE !! Once I said that, Gordon thought what happened himself but Amy and Henry said that it was O.K then other people got really angry and scared at me so the FBI came into the plane. They forced me to get out of my seat. They arrested me and took me to a room and the main officer started to shout at me.

  • The other officer just sat down and took notes. I saw the plane planning its takeoff route and then it lifted into the air. The officer was shouting at me but I just ignored him and carried on to watch the plane fly. When it got to cruising altitude, it exploded into a million pieces and looked like a fireball. The explosion was so powerful that it plunged into the sea and shattered the glass of the huge window next to me.

  • It shocked the officers and I knew this was my chance to escape. I quickly ran away from the room and out of the airport, but when I got out, there was the S.W.A.T team waiting to take me away in their truck as they were suspicious. I didnt feel very good but then we arrived. I didnt know where we were so I tried barging out of the trucks door and it worked, I just fell out.

  • I took off my mask and went to a phone booth to call home. Right after I dialed my number, the police came and arrested me again and took me to court. On the way to court, I had another vision of a police car being involved in a horrific car crash with a white delivery van. As we approached a set of lights, I spotted a white flash to the side of our car. That was when I knew I was not going to cheat death.