Decades By Noah & Jared. 1900s  How did plague get to the United States? Plague was brought to the United States by rats and mice.  What was the first

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Decades By Noah & Jared Slide 2 1900s How did plague get to the United States? Plague was brought to the United States by rats and mice. What was the first washing machine called? The Mighty Thor was the first washing machine. What was the problem that led to the invention of the Caterpillar Track? The farmers tractors would sink in the mud. To prevent this they invented the Caterpillar Track. The Model T car was a town touring car. How much did the car cost in 1909? The Model T car cost $850 in 1909. The car was made by Ford. The Wright Brother are most famous for their flying skills, but before they got into flying they had a successful ground business what was it? The Wright Brother owned a bike rental and repair shop. Slide 3 1910s What was the effects of inhaling chlorine gas? The gas destroyed your respiratory system and caused choking. In the 1900 the Caterpillar Track was born. What idea did the Colonel Britain Army get? The army got the idea to make an all terrain vehicle with Caterpillar Tracks. What percent of the United States was infected with Influenza? Influenza infected 28% of all America and killed 20 to 40 million people. What problem led to the inventing of the air conditioner? There was a problem with the heat and humidity in the Brooklyn Printing Plant that forced Carrier to invent the air conditioner. What was the ratio of people save to those who died on the Titanic? There was 705 survivors and 1,522 people died. Slide 4 1920s How long did it take freeze a package of meat using the method of evaporating ammonia? To freeze a package of meat it took about 90 minutes and to freeze a package of fruit it took about 30 minutes. Why is it a bad idea to misuse antibiotics? It is a bad idea to misuse antibiotics because if you use too little of them than the disease builds up and immunity and if you use them to much than the disease can be deadly. What made the first Disney cartoon special in terms of sound and animation at the same time? The cartoon was the first with synchronized sound and animation. What add-ons have occurred since the 1920 to automobiles? Since the 1920 automobiles now have disked brakes, V8 engine, and a self starter. Jenkins laboratories began to transmit what type of television 1928? Jenkins laboratories showed radio-movies which consisted of moving shadows. Slide 5 1930s Who worked with Rutherford and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1935 for the discovery of the neutron? James Chadwick work with Rutherford and discovered the neutron to win the Nobel peace prize in 1935. What were jumbo trucks? Jumbo trucks where trucks with layers of platforms that allowed 20 to 30 men to drill all at the same time. They were used to drill diversion tunnels. What did high scalars do? High scalars had a very dangerous jobs. They would hang by ropes over cliffs in canyons and blast away weak rocks while hanging in mid air. How long and how many people did it take to build the Empire State Building? Now one of the wonders of the modern world the Empire State Building took 14 months to construct and took over 3,400 people to build it. What was Nylon originally used for? When nylon first came out it was used for tooth brush bristles. Slide 6 1940s What was the Manhattan Project? The Manhattan Project was very important because it produced a viable atomic bomb. BIG BOOM! What is a transistor? A transistor is a radio that has amplified sounds to make it louder. What are some of the common effects that Napalm has on humans? Some of Napalms effects are fifth degree burns and it also has carbon monoxide in it. What two people were giving credit for creating the aqualung? Emile Gagnan and Captain Jacques Cousteam are giving the credit. What causes the white halo behind and airplane when it gets up to high speeds? A white halo is formed behind a plane when condensed water droplets form which is a result in a drop of air pressure. Slide 7 1950s What was the first company to issue a credit card in the United States? In 1950 the Diner Club issued a credit card that was intended to pay for restraint bill, but the idea soon grew. How large was the blast from the MIKE test? The blast was 100 miles wide and 25 miles high when it when off. That is huge. What was the first type of snowmobile and what was it used for? The first snowmobile was used in the military as away to get around in the snow. Also, the first snowmobile was modeled after the Model T car. Why did 3D movies look fuzzy without your 3D glasses on? The glass have colors in them which allow you to see the movie in different angles. What was the largest drive-in theater and by the end of the 1950s how many drive-in theaters where there? The All-Weather Drive-In was the largest drive-in. By the end of the 1950s there were about 5,000 drive-ins. Slide 8 1960s What was the largest marketing down-fall of the Magnavox Odyssey? It made customers think that it only worked with Magnavox televisions. How much lunar land was collected and brought back for study? Forty seven pounds of lunar land was brought back to study on earth. Where was the source of the energy from in 1960? People used geothermal power in geysers of Sonoma County, California. In what ways is Kevlar used? It is used in law enforcement (bullet proof vests), in airplanes, bridge structures, and cables. When did Sony launch their first cassette tape? Sony was able to launch their first cassette tape on November of 1966. Slide 9 1970s How much did the ATARI VCS cost and what came with the game console? The ATARI VCS game console cost $199 and it came with 9 games. What is the main component in a MRI? In a MRI there are many components, but the main on is electromagnetic radiation. How was the walkman promoted in Japan? To promote the walkman Sony hired young people to walk around the streets with a walkman and have people listen to it. What year did Gore-Tex sell their fabric to Early Winters catalog? Gore-Tex sold their fabric to Early Winters catalog in 1976. Now Gore-Tex is a very popular brand. Who made the first phone call and who did he call? Dr. Martin Cooper made the first phone call and he called his rivals to brag to them. Slide 10 1980s How much mountain was removed from the eruption? When Mount St. Helens erupted it remove more than 1,300 feet. It went from being the 9 th tallest peak to being the 30 th tallest. What is the difference between the two types of artificial hearts? One artificial heart totally replaces your original heart and the other just helps your heart keep working. How long did the Mac 128K stay on the market? The Mac 128K stayed on the market for one year and nine mouths, but was replaced by newer technology. What year was the iPod born? The iPod first came out in the October of 2001 and is now very popular. What is the difference between a camcorder and a video recorder? A camcorder is portable and is used for recording. A video recorder has to be attached to a VCR and you have to carry the VCR. Slide 11 1990s What is caching? A collection of data duplicating original values stored other places. What are the symptoms of Avian Flu (bird flu)? The symptoms of the avian flu are, fever, cough, sore throat, and muscle aches. What are some of the everyday uses of the GPS today? The GPS is used today to store phone numbers, search for restaurants or gas stations and used directions. What is the spectral range for the Hubble Telescope? The range that the Hubble Telescope can reach is 575 kilometers or 360 miles. By 2001, how many base-pair units had been mapped? In 2001 over 3 billion base-pair units had been mapped. Slide 12 Conclusion This project was very intense and fun! The slide show was the most intense thing we did. Noah also enjoyed the slide for Slifka. Noahs favorite part was getting the jelly beans. Jareds favorite part was hunting for the rat picture. It was also enjoyable to listen to Glory complain about how this project was not important and boring as heck. We also enjoyed when Glory said Slifka was retarded that was not nice. It was nifty to learn all about the history and what the United States has gone through and developed. It was also sweet to learn about the other countries and how they also developed things we never thought of. Over all Noah and Jared worked well together! YA Slide 13 The End Thank You Slifka For All The Help!