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Demonstrative Pronouns / Demonstrative Pronouns / Adjectives Adjectives ou[toj, evkei/noj This, That

Demonstrative Pronouns / Adjectives

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Demonstrative Pronouns / Adjectives. ou[toj , evkei/noj. This, That. THIS and THAT. Demonstratives. “This / these” or “that / those” The same word can be either… A Pronoun: “ That is mine.” An Adjective: “ That car is mine.”. “This”. Masc. Fem. Neuter. ou-toj. au[th. tou/to. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Demonstrative Pronouns / Adjectives

  • Demonstrative Pronouns / Adjectivesou[toj, evkei/nojThis, That

  • DemonstrativesThis / these or that / thoseThe same word can be eitherA Pronoun: That is mine.An Adjective: That car is mine.

  • Nom Sgou-tojMascAcc Sgtou/tonou-toi,Nom PlGen Pltou,twnGen SgtoutouDat Sgtou,tw|/tou,toijDat PlAcc Pltou,toujau[thFemtau,thnau-taitou,twntau,thjtau,th|tou,taijtou,tajtou/toNeutertou/totou/tatou,twntou,toutou,tw|tou,toijtau/taThis

  • Nom Sgevkei/nojMascAcc Sgevkei/nonou-toi,Nom PlGen Pltou,twnGen Sgevkei,nouDat Sgevkei,nw|/tou,toijDat PlAcc Pltou,toujevkei,nhFemevkei,nhnevkei/naievkei,nwnevkei,nhjevkei,nh|evkei,naijevkei,najevkei/noNeuterevkei/noevkei/naevkei,nwnevkei,nouevkei,nw|evkei,noijevkei/naThat

  • Crasis is when two words have a horrible traffic accident and are impossible to separate. kai and egw become kagw

  • Three Degrees of An AdjectivePositive: Uncompared largeComparative: Greater of the two largerSuperlative: Greatest of all largest

  • VocativeThe mood of commandIn plural, identical to nominative1st Declension, vocative looks like nominativeIn 2nd Declension Singular, has e at end of word Context is the key

  • New Vocabulary

  • gunh,Woman

  • dikh,Right

  • di,kaiojRighteous

  • dikaiosu,nhRighteousness

  • dw,dekaTwelve

  • e`autou/Himself

  • evkei/nojThat

  • h;Or, than

  • kavgw,And I, but I

  • maka,riojHappy, Blessed

  • me,gajLarge, great

  • po,lijCity

  • polujMuch

  • pw/jHow?

  • shmei/onSign, miracle