Developer Best Practices R.SANTHANA GOPALAN. Developer Best Practices What is Workspace ? The directory where the developer edit the source files, compile,

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<ul><li><p>Developer Best Practices</p><p>R.SANTHANA GOPALAN</p></li><li><p>Developer Best PracticesWhat is Workspace ?The directory where the developer edit the source files, compile, test and debugWe can get the workspace by checkout from the CVS.</p></li><li><p>Developer Best PracticesDon't share workspacesEach developer should work on their work space.Sharing workspaces confuses people, just as sharing a desk does</p></li><li><p>Developer Best PracticesAvoid duplication of workspacesAlways do a new feature/development source codes within the same workspaces. The duplication of workspaces gives lot of confusion and it affects the whole project cycle also</p></li><li><p>Developer Best PracticesDon't use jello views A "jello view" is a workspace where file changes are caused by external events beyond your control. Eg: Workspace contains a file is linked to another file in some other directory. When the underlying files are updated, your workspace files change.</p></li><li><p>Developer Best PracticesStay in sync with the codelineThe quality of your work depends on how well it meshes with other peoples' work. Most of the integration problem will be solved by updating the workspaces properly. </p></li><li><p>Developer Best PracticesCheck in oftenOnce you've finished a development task, check in your changed files so that your work is available to others.Delaying the check-in sources will affect the productivity and gives the integration problems. </p></li><li><p>Developer Best Practices Reviewing the changesBefore check-in the sources review the changes using cvs diff.Reviewing the sources will make sure only the required changes are integrated into the repositoryAvoid the debug statements check-in to the repository. </p></li><li><p>Developer Best PracticesUse proper Change LogLog message gives the brief description of what is changed between the previous version of the source files.Any developer can able to see the log messages using cvs log and understand the reason for the changes. </p></li><li><p>Developer Best PracticesAvoid Module ViolationDont check-in the source that are not belonging to your moduleModule team should have more knowledge about the team and they should know about the requirements and the bugs.</p></li><li><p>Developer Best PracticesUse different workspaces for the BranchThe branch development line contains only few files and the required files will be branched on request.This will avoid lot of confusion with the main development line and gives the clear view of what to be done</p></li><li><p>Developer Best PracticesPropagate the branch changes early and oftenPostponed and batch change propagation's can result in stunningly complex file merges.</p></li></ul>