Different Christmas Decorations in Poland

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Different Christmas Decorations in Poland . Magdalena Antoszewska kl. VI C. Christmas Tree. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Different Christmas Decorations in Poland

  • Magdalena Antoszewska kl. VI C

  • The Christmas tree tradition comes from Alsace, where a tree was put into the house and decorated with paper ornaments and apples. It was introduced to Poland by German protestants in the early eighteenth century.

  • The first Christmas tree baubles appeared in Poland in the nineteenth century. They were imported from abroad, mostly from Nuremberg.They were made of glass and imitated fruits and nuts. Over the time the design was enriched adding baubles in the shape of objects like shoes, musical instruments, animals and clowns.

  • The Christmas card custom came from England by the end of the nineteenth century. The idea of sending Christmas cards was introduced by sir Henry Cole, the director of Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 1834. Polish name pocztwka (post card) invented by Henryk Sienkiewicz, Polish novelist, won the competition in 1900.

  • The Christmas nativity scene tradition appeared in Poland around thirteenth century. The first known Polish figures of little Jesus Christ, Holy Virgin Mary and Joseph are dated around 1370. They were located in the Church of St. Andrew in Krakow.